Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MDR's Midweek Mutiny: CYOA 8

Editor's Note: This was written by DC's Middle Distance Runner. This is part of a series of posts that they are writing today. Continue to the bottom, to link to the rest. You may want to start at the beginning, to have this make any sort of sense.

You decide to be a REAL JERK and stop reading this blog. How rude! Not even Clay Aiken, the world's biggest jerk ever, would be so rude! Anyway, the world starts spinning around you ... you hear a buzzing noise. BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ!

Suddenly ... you wake up to the sound of your pulsing alarm! It was all a dream! And thank goodness. “What a crazy dream”, you think. And it was!

You roll over in the covers and feel a strange lump next to you. You thrash back the covers to find a fat, useless face looking up at you from beneath a reversed red ball cap.

“How’s your back?” he says, with a chilling amount of relish, the kind of relish that can only be summoned by FRED DURST!!! It wasn’t a dream!!!!

“You suck”, you tell him (and he does!).

“I know”, he says (with great relish!).




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