Wednesday, October 11, 2006

FFHH's Midweek Mutiny: Introduction

Welcome to our takeover of IA. Before we write our individual posts, we want to talk a little bit about our band and our somewhat controversial name.

We are Faster Faster Harder Harder, a Baltimore rock band. Our band formed in January of 2005 and is comprised of Brian on guitar and vocals, Mike on guitar, Matt on bass and vocals, and Sam on drums. Stemming from punk and indie influences, we make music that's fun to play, but carries some weight with it. Our music aims to combine tight rhythms with inventive melodies and it never loses the energy that drove us to play it in the first place. We try to make songs that have the ability to connect with the people who hear them and we encourage dancing and partying in the process too.

People normally have some opinion about our long and repetitive name. We've heard that it's too long, too childish or too pornographic. Others have said that it's memorable or bold. We bring this up, because we do not want to be defined, good or bad, by a simple moniker. The name is not representative of our music overall; if anything, consider it a critique of our accelerated modern world, dressed up in sexual innuendo. Bottom line, it's just a name: we have no desire to be a particularly fast or hard band.

When we were given the opportunity to take over Instrumental Analysis for the day, we decided that we wanted to share some songs by the artists and bands that inspire us. Each of us is going to pick a few songs or bands that have influenced our personal musical interests and styles. We'll try to describe how these songs have impacted the music that we make as a band. We will also take a few of our own songs and talk a bit about how we wrote them and what they mean to us. Each of us will do a post at some point today. Anyway, this has been a fun process and we thank Joe for the opportunity.

To find out more about us and to listen to additional music, check out our website, purevolume and myspace. For the full effect, come see us live in Baltimore at Fletcher’s on October 20th and The Talking Head on November 18th. We hope to see everyone else soon. In the meantime, please sit back, read our rants, and enjoy the songs!

Editor's Note: What the hell is this? See here.

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