Wednesday, October 11, 2006

FFHH's Midweek Mutiny: Sam

Editor's Note: This post was written by Sam Small. He is the drummer for Baltimore's Faster Faster Harder Harder.

I had never listened to any of Don Caballero's other releases, so when a friend gave me their new album I didn't know quite what to expect. After hearing a few bars of their music, I quickly got over the lack of lyrics. This group lives in odd-meter and repetition and their drummer is fantastic. I like Savage Composition, because it is composed over a few simple patterns that are played repetitively with layering and slight variation. The result is a sound that is really rich. This composing process is something that we try now and again when we are writing new songs as a group, during rehearsal.

Don Caballero - Savage Composition

As an about-face to my previous pick, It Just Is demonstrates to me how effective a simple and uncomplicated melody can be. There are no fancy guitar licks, amazing feats of dexterity on the bass, or crazy drum fills - but that's more than OK. I really respect the folks in Rilo Kiley for their good old-fashioned song writing. I think it's pretty safe to say that we will never write a song that sounds anything like this unless Mike takes up violin lessons and I purchase a Glockenspiel.

Rilo Kiley - It Just Is

I wanted to pick one song that reminds me of living in Baltimore and The Anniversary's O' Lady Butterfly came to mind first. I sometimes joke with people that the best thing about Baltimore is that you can get to DC or NYC pretty quickly, but I'm only half-kidding. The fact is, I know that some of my best memories in Baltimore revolve around rehearsing and playing music with the guys in FFHH.

The Anniversary - O' Lady Butterfly

Editor's Note: What the hell is this? See here.

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