Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Weekend Mutiny: Can Joann

Ever since this feature premiered 3 weeks ago, I have received a lot of messages from bands. They have told me that they enjoy what I am doing and of course, they have asked if I would let them take over my site for a day. As I have told all of them, I would love to have them. So if you are reading and are interested in doing one of these, drop me an e-mail or message me on myspace. Just keep in mind that there is no format or rules for this, so you better like anarchy.

My favorite thing about running these, is I get to learn about bands in different parts of the country. The bands that I cover also introduce me to other bands in their local scenes. This week has me traveling to Chapel Hill, NC and meeting up with can joann. This is a few days late, but it was one of those weeks.

These guys have been getting a lot of buzz lately. It seems like everytime I surf the web, I find a new article about them. The thing is, most of those articles say the same thing. Today, that is going to change. You are going to hear directly from the band and find out what isn't in their bio. They are going to talk about their influences, likes and local favorites. I also believe that they are going to end with a contest. So sit back and read what they have to say. You may learn something.

Can Joann's Weekend Mutiny:
Band's Intro


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