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Can Joann's Weekend Mutiny: Ryan

Editor's Note: This post was written by Ryan Benjamin, guitarist for Chapel Hill, NC band can joann. It is part of a series of posts that you can link to below. Their post with their music is here and they are sponsering a contest here.

Hello, my name is Ryan and I wield the guitar for can joann. Since we are taking over this blog like pirates, it is my pleasure to send along some music that has invaded my musical conscience over the years, not by choice mind you... but by way of chance, circumstance, and over-eager friends.

Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years
I spent the first three years of my life on the road touring all over the US with my Dad's band. My mother was part of the management and my father was the resident sound-board man, keyboardist, and back-up vocalist (sometimes all at the same time). The band was basically a professional cover band, bringing everyone's favorite late 70's/early 80's rock tunes to parts of the country where popular bands would never tour. During these years, to accompany my sippy-cup, I was fed a healthy dose of Eagles, Cars, and Boston amongst other excellent rock music. I actually don't remember hearing most of these songs, but one that always stuck with me (probably because my Dad loved the hell out if it and would always remind me that he sang backups on the chorus) was Steely Dan's Reelin' in the Years. Somehow this song is part of my musical DNA.

The Beatles – Julia
Despite my early musical up-bringing, it seems that I tried as hard as I could to avoid becoming a musician, finally picking up a guitar in my very late teens. During the time when I was clumsily learning how to form chords, my friend let me borrow his Beatles Bible which was basically the tablature-notation of every Beatles song ever written which he accompanied with a burned copy of The White Album. As I plowed through the double disc, I discovered that I pretty much lacked the ability to play any of it. Even though my guitar playing sounded god-fuck-awful, the song I kept coming back to was Julia. This song was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard and somehow it seemed just within my grasp. Today it still sounds like a boy sitting alone in a room for weeks and weeks, awkwardly learning how to play chords and struggling to understand music.

T Rex - Children of the Revolution
Not long after, my late teens were colored by working at a used-record store where all the late-twenties diehard music nerds would overwhelm me with all of the best music that they were offended to learn I hadn't heard. They also overwhelmed me with parties and large doses of late-twenties "wisdom". Somehow T-Rex's Children of the Revolution would always be playing and it was agreed by all, to be the perfect song. You will not find power-pop better than this.

Jon Secada - Just Another Day
The only John S. to top John Stamos. Somehow the first time that I heard Jon Secada's Just Another Day (age 9?), it got stuck in my brain in the worst way.. but I wasn't annoyed in the least. I mean, listen to that chord progression!! Its like a circle of never-ending conflict and resolution, just like life man! No one will admit it, but its one of the best songs ever written. And to be complimented by lyrics such as "I don't wanna hold on to never"... shit man, neither do I. I think its silly that this is even considered a guilty pleasure. How was this man a back-up singer for Gloria Estefan? It should have been Secada's Sound Machine.

Transportation - Let It Out
Even before I moved to the Chapel Hill area, I had visited a the area a few times (from Upstate NY) to see about a girl. I had heard rumors and mythology of a great music scene, but I had no idea where to go or what bands to see. One night I randomly entered a bar (this was 2001) known as the Cavern Tavern, which looked like more of a "locals" type joint. It was a Thursday night and the place was packed. We could barely move to grab a beer! There were about 100 people packed into a room that could fit 30 people. I soon realized that they were all there to see an amazing band called Transportation, deliver some of the most delicious rock music I had ever heard. I wanted to eat up this music with a spoon! It sounded like a fantastic mix of the best parts of 70's and 80's rock, combined with a rawness that I later learned to be a signature of the Chapel Hill sound. Although not available for download, I would highly recommend the 7" with Stormbringer on it. For now, check out this MP3 and then check out their MySpace page.

Bowerbirds - In Our Talons
On a final note, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Bowerbirds. They are the only band signed to a new label I'm helping out with (Burlytime Records) and they are incredible. They are the local favorites of both The Rosebuds and The Mountain Goats.

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I hate to admit I know this, but Jon Secada produced a couple songs on Ricky Martin's breakout album. After his big CD in the 90s, Secada's been laying low producing. He did release a CD recently, but it's not that great.

/end of random Jon Secada trivia

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