Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I just realized that we currently have 3 contests running. I can barely keep track of them, so I am sure that many of you are clueless. I will break down each one and tell you the expiration dates.

1) Chapel Hill, NC's can joann is giving away 2 copies of Hurt People Hurt People. The winners will be announced on 11/13. The information to enter is here. You can listen to their music in this post.

2) I am giving away an autographed copy of Jeremy Enigk's World Waits. The winner will be announced on 11/13. You can find the information and listen to samples here.

3) DC's Middle Distance Runner is giving away 3 copies of Plane In Flames. There is also a special mystery prize for the 100th comment on their contest post. The winners will be announced on 11/16. You can enter here and listen to their music here.

If you enter any of these through e-mail, please state which contest you are entering. Thanks and good luck.


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