Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Midweek Mutiny: Low Red Land

One of the great things about doing this site, is that I get to learn about bands that I never would have had the chance to hear. For this week's Mutiny, we head west to San Francisco and catch up with the boys of Low Red Land.

Low Red Land and I have an interesting history. They found me on myspace in early August, during the first week of this site's existance. We talked a tiny bit and they sent me a cd, which I received in late August. I was getting ready to go to St. Lucia, so I skimmed the cd briefly. They don't exactly play island music, so it ended up on a shelf somewhere and was long forgotten about by the time that I returned home. Forward to the very beginning October and Mark sent me an e-mail asking if I ever received their cd. We started talking about the band and the site. He heard about my whole Mutiny idea (which had yet to debut) and was interested. A couple of weeks ago, he told me that they were going to do it on October 25. By this time, the days had grown colder and shorter, and I picked up their cd again. This time, it was an instant connection. I don't know what it is, but this album is made for cold winter days in the Northeast. Actually, I do.

They are currently a San Francisco band, but they began and grew up in the Northeast. It is very obvious in their music. While hints of the California sun creep in from time to time, Weight of Nations screams of harsh winters and heartbreak. This album is about as perfectly suited for winter in the Northeast, as The Beach Boys are suited for the sun and beaches of Southern California. Maybe it is because I have dealt with the winter and heartbreak that they sing of, but I bonded with their music and it has been a constant in my cd player for the past couple of weeks. When you read what Neil has to say, this will make perfect sense. The amazing thing, is that they make all of the gloom and hurt, sound so beautiful.

Anyway, I had a hard time deciding what music to post. I decided to pick the first and last tracks off of Weight of Nations. They have an exclusive Fall EP available for download on myspace that is excellent, and they have several mp3s available on their website. If you enjoy these and the song that they are going to post, go see what else they have to offer. While you are there, check out their tour dates. They will be on the road from October 30 until just about Christmas. Over 40 cities will be hit along the way and some of them are still being finalized.

I am going to hand things over to them, so enjoy!

Low Red Land - Dreams That Heroes Dream
Low Red Land - Weight of Nations

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I love the Low Red Land!

Heard about them and other new artists on

Can't wait to see them in San Francisco this month!

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