Monday, December 11, 2006

The Twelve Bands of Christmas: Intro

A few weeks ago, I came up with this stupid idea. What if I pick twelve underground bands that I feel people should know about and do consecutive features on each? After I came up with the initial idea, things started to change around here. Mike (from Austin) left the site for personal reasons, making this a solo show based out of the Baltimore region. After he left, my friend Chris from DC asked if he could step on board and I gladly accepted his offer (introductions will be coming soon). All of a sudden, IA fully covered the entire Baltimore/Washington region. Once this happened, Chris and I decided to take the twelve bands idea and focus it entirely on our region.

Coming up with the twelve bands that comprise this list, was not an easy task. We knew that we needed a little bit of help, so we asked our friend David to give us his insight. Together, the three of us came up with the final list. The list includes bands from DC, Baltimore and southcentral Pennsylvania.

We definitely want to preceed this list by stating that these are not necessarily the twelve best bands in the region and we don't represent them as such. These are simply twelve bands that we feel people should know about. There are many others that are just as deserving of inclusion on this. Additionaly, there are plenty of great bands that we disqualified from the list, due to the varying degrees of success that they have attained over the past year.

With that said, I hope that you enjoy what we have in store for you over the coming days. All of the bands have done a great job working with us on this. Chris and I would like to thank all of them for taking the time to do this with us and we would like to extend a special thanks to David for all of his help.

Before I premier the first band, I want to leave you with a mix of some of the other great bands from the region. They are all great bands, so definitely give them your support.

Lo Moda - It's a Wonder
Georgie James - Need Your Needs
Nethers - Hung Herself In a Birdcage
Washington Social Club - Backed to the Future
Celebration - Holiday
Page France - Say Wolf In The Summertime
Metal Hearts - Socialize
Lake Trout - Shiny Wrapper
Beach House - Master of None
The Oranges Band - If These Stars Are Struck

The Twelve Bands of Christmas
Day 1: Telograph
Day 2: AVEC
Day 3: The Hard Tomorrows
Day 4: Middle Distance Runner
Day 5: Thrushes
Day 6: Georgie James
Day 7: Exit Clov
Day 8: Jette-Ives
Day 9: These United States
Day 10: Cedars
Day 11: Two if by Sea
Day 12: Soft Complex



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