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The Twelve Bands of Christmas: Day Eight - Jette-Ives

When we were trying to figure out which bands to use for this feature, Chris threw out a few names that I no familiarity with. One of those groups was DC's Jette-Ives. After he mentioned them, I looked them up. It took about thirty seconds for me to say "yes, contact them." Their music is sultry female vocals over laid back beats. Their debut CD is hitting the shelves early next year and they will be hitting the road shortly after that. We caught up with Jette and got some insight on how they got here and where they are going. She was even kind enough to give us a preview of the new album.

Washington, DC
January 2005
Jette Kelly - Lyrics & Vocals
Holmes Ives - Keys & Synths
Matt Lewis - Upright Bass
Scott Fogelgren - Piano & Violin
Rex Riddem - Congas
Danny Tait - Drums
Kim Rappaport - Manager, Maracas, Wriggles prettily next to Rex & the congas
OVA Records
In the Deep (February 2007)
Upcoming Live Dates:
January 27th, 2007 @ Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC *Album Release*

How did the band form?
Jette: Ives & I met at a party. Our buddy Derrick Miller pointed me out to Ives, said 'Every time she sings, I cry.' Which confused Ives, who managed to smile indulgently at Derrick while edging away. Regardless--I emailed Ives several weeks later, and he didn't remember who I was. The recall trigger: 'I'm the singer who brings Derrick to tears.' Matt came on board next--I waited until he was relatively & jovially drunk before I asked him to join J-I. Matt found Danny, but--alas--he was lost at sea on a cruise ship for six months. Rex... It took me a year to finally get up the nerve to call Rex and bravely beg: 'Please, darling... I know that, at the moment [last January], I've no money or shows or anything vaguely sparkly to offer you--aside from music, the occasional band breakfast (which Ives must cook because I don't do kitchens), and an endless supply of liquor--but: Would you please be in the band?' Then there's Scott, and he's involved in a myriad projects. Every time he shows up for rehearsal (and he's not yet missed one), we all briefly stare at him and wonder how the hell he found the time. Regarding Kim: She signed on to manage J-I because she thought we were endearingly eccentric, and we obviously needed her. We sweetened the deal by giving her maracas.

How was '06 for you?
Jette: Much busier than '05.

Highlight of the year?
Ives: Finishing the album.
Matt: Finishing the album.
Danny: Finishing the album.
Rex: Finishing the album.
Scott: Finishing the album.
Kim: They finished the album.
Jette: Watching Pancake Mountain while eating muffins and doing this interview. (The sheep puppet rocks, and Juliette Lewis just kissed him)

What do you have in store for '07?
Jette: I'll just give you the February - April plans: Our first album, 'In the Deep', releases in February '07. At which point we begin touring. What else... Our second single, 'Vexed'--accompanied by a music video--is due out in March, and I'm slated to write a tango with Dustin Budish of the New World Symphony.
Ives: I'm going to take one day off.

Goal for '07 and beyond?
Jette: To successfully tour the United States while taste-testing every city's locally famous chocolates.

In The Deep (2007)
Darker Than You

Bonus Track
In the Presence Of... (Deepfreak Remix)


3 favorite songs of '06?
Kim: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
Jette: One More Night by Stars.
Scott: du og meg by Of Montreal

Favorite album of the year?
Scott: 3D by Satoshitomiie
Rex: Thunderball - Cinescope, Volume 1

Best live show you saw this year?

Ives: Cirque du Soleil's 'Corteo'
Kim: We Are Scientists at the Black Cat
Jette: Sharam Nazeri (Iran's Pavarotti) at the Lincoln Theatre
Rex: Mustafa Akbar & the Chosen at the Black Cat

Favorite holiday song and artist?
Jette: I'll Be Home for Christmas by Bing Crosby
Ives: I thought you'd say Santa Baby...
Scott: Linus & Lucy by Vince Guaraldi Trio

Best present you ever received?
Scott: Two new nephews.
Rex: An electronic grinder.
Jette: What does it grind?
Rex: No.
Jette: This is not a 'yes' or 'no' question.
Rex: No.

Worst present you ever received?
Jette: If I haven't anything nice to say...

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I like what I hear so far, thanks.

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After leading magnificent Californian psych-rockers Comets On Fire through a decade of uncompromising, speaker-busting cacophony, singer/guitarist Ethan Miller started to display a more melodic tendency with the inception of his Howlin' Rain side project.


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