Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Twelve Bands of Christmas: Day Nine - These United States

These United States are a lo-fi Americana group from Washington, DC. While it is impossible to determine who is going to be in the group from one day to the next, you always know that Jesse Elliott will be providing his haunting vocals. Since forming in 2005, the band has been building quite the reputation for their thrilling live shows. 2007 will see the release of their debut full length and the buzz is starting to become deafening. Jesse was nice enough to let us share a track, so go ahead and get acquainted while they are still just a regional secret.

These United States
Washington, DC
August 2005
Jesse Elliott - Writing/Vox/Guitar
Tom Hnatow - Guitar/Lap Steel/Banjo/Keys/Etc
David Strackany - Production/Occasional Percussion
Many Many Others - Constant Instrumentating For Live Performance And Recording
The Holla Baloo EP (Demo EP - 2006)
The Forest and the Garden (LP - 2007)
Upcoming Live Dates:
December 21 @ Rock 'N Roll Hotel, DC
December 28 @ Mo Pitkin's NYC
December 29 @ Ottobar, Baltimore, MD
December 30 @ IOTA, Arlington, VA
December 31 @ IOTA, Arlington, VA
January 26 @ Black Cat, DC
February 2 @ Laila Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
February 3 @ Shippensburg University, PA
February 15 @ Millenium Music COnference, Harrisburg, PA

How did the band form?
From the Ashes of a Thousand Dead Oceans.

How was '06 for you?
Very Fine Indeed. Lots of Road and Studio Behind Us, More Around the Bend.

Highlight of the year?
Finishing Mixing of Upcoming Album at Silver Sonya Studios in Arlington.

What do you have in store for '07?
Finding a Label, Album Release, Continued Constant Touring, European Sojourn.

Goal for '07 and beyond?
Bask In The Beauty That Is The District's Booming Music Scene.

The Forest and the Garden (2007)
So High So Low So Wide So Long

The Business

Live Recordings
Kings and Aces

Jesse Elliott
3 favorite songs of '06?

Silence (Won't Work On Me No More) By Kitty Hawk
I Fill up the Time By Rose
This is the Life By Paleo

Favorite album of the year?
Adam Arcuragi By Adam Arcuragi

Best live show you saw this year?
Beauty Pill At The Black Cat

Favorite holiday song and artist?
Run Run Rudolph By Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem

Best present you ever received?

Worst present you ever received?
A Clock

The Twelve Bands of Christmas
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Day 9: These United States
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