Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Twelve Bands of Christmas: Day Ten - Cedars

Cedars are a Washington, DC band known for their atmospheric music. They have been entertaining local fans for the past few years with their amazing live shows and have opened for bands like Editors, Lake Trout, Jeremy Enigk, Stellastarr* and The French Kicks. They are slowly building a following outside of the region. Early next year, they will return to the WOXY studios to record their second lounge act and hit places like New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. If you aren't familiar with this band, now is the time to acquaint yourself.

Washington, DC
January 2004
Ed Barnabas - Drums
Francisco Lazzaro - Bass
Brian Leatherman - Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Luke Mangels - Keys, Guitar
Safety in Numbers (2004)
Another Season (2006)
Upcoming Live Dates:
1/18/07 - Lava Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA
1/19/07 - WOXY Lounge Act
1/19/07 - Nite Owl, Columbus, OH
1/20/07 - Northside Tavern, Cincinnati, OH
1/26/07 - Alley Katz, Richmond, VA
1/27/07 - TBD, Norfolk, VA
2/03/07 - Black Cat, Washington DC
2/09/07 - Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
2/10/07 - TBD, NYC

Another Season (2006)
This Century
Great Escape

WOXY Lounge Act
May 20, 2005

How did the band form?
Through ads on Craigslist and the City Paper, and through a common love of atmospheric music.

How was '06 for you?
Excellent. Recorded Another Season with the folks at Silver Sonya, got on some great bills and progressed well as musicians though it was a bad year for our livers.

Highlight of the year?
Playing with Editors/Lake Trout at 930 Club.

What do you have in store for '07?
Touring here and there in early '07, possible recording, multiple remixes and new songs.

Goal for '07 and beyond?
Make quality music and see where it takes us.


3 favorite songs of '06?

The Knife - Heartbeats
Elbow – Puncture Repair
Gonzalez – Para que no me olvides

Favorite album of the year?
Elbow – Leaders of the Free World

Best live show you saw this year?
Youth Group @ 9:30club

Favorite holiday song and artist?
Esta Navidad – Johnny Ventura

Best present you ever received?
Waking up tomorrow morning

Worst present you ever received?
A burger for my birthday.

3 favorite songs of '06?

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness – According to Plan
Booka Shade – Night Falls
French Kicks – So Far We Are

Favorite album of the year?
Junior Boys – So This is Goodbye

Best live show you saw this year?
Massive Attack @ 9:30

Favorite holiday song and artist?
Christmas Time is Here (Charlie Brown Christmas) - Vince Guaraldi Trio

Best present you ever received?
Just happy to get anything.

Worst present you ever received?
April Wine's Greatest Hits.

3 favorite songs of '06?

Trentemoller - Take Me Into Your Skin
Band of Horses - The First Song
Film School - Like You Know

Favorite album of the year?
Trentemoller - The Last Resort

Best live show you saw this year?
Doves/Longwave @ Sonar

Favorite holiday song and artist?
R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - C3PO

Best present you ever received?
The gift of life.

Worst present you ever received?
A soap dish.

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