Thursday, October 26, 2006

Throwback Thursday: Joy Division

While Joe is immersed in some project involving next weeks Mutiny, I get the honors of the Throwback this week. In a previous edition, Joe touched on New Order. As I am sure most, if not all know from what Bernard, Peter, and Steven (Stephen, seen it both) sprang forth. While only releasing two full length albums and being together for about 4 years, Joy Division greatly influenced the post-punk scene for years to come. Sadly, Ian Curtis killed himself in May of 1980, right before a U.S. tour, Love Will Tear Us Apart hit the Top 20, and the album Closer was raved about by critics and landed in the Top 10.

Joy Division's influence is still reaching out to the bands and culture of the 90s and today. Nine Inch Nails, U2, The Cure and others have covered their songs, either for recordings or in concert. Many retrospectives, compilations, and tribute albums have been released. Recently, a book has been released on Ian Curtis' life and a movie, Closer, is currently in the finishing stages.

Unknown Pleasures (1979)
Day of the Lords
New Dawn Fades

Closer (1980)
A Means to an End

Still (1981) Contains live tracks as well
Dead Souls
Something Must Break

Substance 1977-1980 (1988) Retrospective
She’s Lost Control

Permanent (1995) Retrospective
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Permanent Mix)
These Days

As a bonus, New Order doing Love Will Tear Us Apart live

And check out this live performance video

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thank you so much for introducing me to this new band the joy division, i would never have found them if not for your weblog

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