Saturday, September 29, 2007

This Week's Releases

Stars - credit

This week was hell at school for me, but I still wanted to write about some of the great new releases that came out. This week featured a fair amount of folk/indie rock, but it really had a large amount of good music in general.

Probably the biggest release of the week was from Iron & Wine, with a CD titled The Shepard's Dog. For Sam Beam's newest CD, he went with a full band and a full sound. Getting more popular as the days go on, even my college newspaper reviewed the new release and gave it an A. Beam's beautiful voice paired with some great sounds and lyrics, really is a treat.

Boy With A Coin

Next on our trip of new releases by folk/indie artists, finds us at the new Cave Singers' release Invitation Songs. I really liked the first track I heard from them and I'm sure you will to. This is mellow music with a very unique voice.

Seeds of Night

Devendra Banhart released Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. Some people have been complaining Banhart's CDs have been too long, or too bloated. I personally am not as familiar as other people with his music, but give "Carmensita" a listen and decide for yourself. The sound is a different flavor than the previous two releases, but it works really well.


Last up on our folk indie tour for the week is a very interesting group and one I find very enjoyable to listen to. Two Gallants newest CD is a self-titled album that sounds a bit different from the previous release What the Toll Tells. That was a hard CD to follow-up, but the band made an admirable attempt.

The Hand That Held Me Down

A band you may have heard about once or twice on this website, DC's Georgie James has finally released their full length on Saddle Creek. Solid as always, Places really puts the band on the national map. Currently on a countrywide tour supporting the album, the band will finish it at the Black Cat on 11/16, so be sure to be there for that one.

Cake Parade

Sweden had two of it's bigger artists drop releases this week. First we have Jose Gonzalez with his new release In Our Nature, which follows up the great release Veneer. A terrific singer/songwriter, Gonzalez gives us another great release that is something that both new and old fans can be happy with.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

Next we have Loney, Dear, who's newest CD isn't really new, but new to the US. After seeing them this summer with The Sea & Cake, I can honestly say that their music is great and any release from them is something worth being listened to.

Saturday Waits

Our next CD has been available on iTunes and other online distributors for a little while, but Stars' newest In Our Bedroom After The War is now out everywhere. I have only personally listened to a couple of songs on the CD, but what I've heard it sounds like a really solid release. One of my friends is in love with the album and I trust him, as he has introduced me to more great bands than I can count. Give the CD a listen and judge yourself.

The Night Starts Here

A group I discovered this week, The GoStation have a release that needs to be listened to titled Passion Before Function. I am always a fan of indie bands that rock hard, but still keep a full sound in their music and these guys do exactly that. Give "All Together Now" a listen to see what I mean and find a new band that I'm sure most of you have never heard of, but will enjoy listening to.

All Together Now

Another group I just discovered after hearing about their release, Athlete released Beyond the Neighborhood. This band isn't anything you haven't heard before, but they are still a solid indie band with a good release that deserves consideration.

Airport Disco

There were so many releases this week, that I'll leave you with songs from some of the others...

Eskimo Joe - New York
Matt Pond PA - Taught To Look
Office - Wound Up
Sea Wolf - Black Dirt
The Weakerthans - Night Windows
Tuung - Bullets
Via Audio - We Can Be Good

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Friday, September 28, 2007

This Week's Mix

No story about this week, just good music. Enjoy!

The Aliens - I Am The Unknown
Soft - Dumb Blood
Dappled Cities - Beach Song
The Russian Futurists - Sentiments vs Syllables
Bloc Party - Sunday
Mason Proper - A Chance Encounter
Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good
The Crimea - All Conquering
Minus the Bear - Throwin' Shapes
Pela - Venom:

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Iron & Wine

Sam Beam, better known as Iron & Wine, is touring in support of his highly praised new album, The Shepherd's Dog. Along for ride is Seattle's Arthur & Yu, labelmates to DC's Le Loup. Be sure to check them out this weekend.

9/28: Tower Theater, Philly
9/29: 9:30 Club, DC

Iron & Wine - Boy With A Coin
Arthur & Yu - Come To View

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Okkervil and Damien Sell Out!

Austin's indie-folk sensations Okkervil River and Seattle's Damien Jurado join forces for a tour across the area. However, it's time to find your shady means of getting tickets for the shows, if you don't have them. Both the Philly and DC shows have sold out!

9/29: Johnny Brenda's, Philly
9/30: Rock and Roll Hotel, DC

Okkervil River - Our Life Is Not A Movie or Maybe
Damien Jurado - What Were The Chances

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

indie at the abbey: Bridges and Powerlines & Creeping Weeds

Last week's show was sort of ridiculous. We ended up having 3 bands and it was quite possibly the best bill that I have seen all year. Between Monarch, Vandaveer and These United States, it was a hell of a night. Tonight, we are back in Harrisburg for yet another round of indie at the abbey at ABC . This show should be really good as well, as we have a couple of great bands making their first ever stops in town. Like always, show starts at 9:30, and admission is a measly $2.

NYC's Bridges and Powerlines will be bringing their brand of upbeat indie rock to town. Last year, they released their debut EP and it was full of straightforward tracks that crossed danceable synth with darker guitars. They just finished recording their full length that will be out next year and I have noticed a change. They have started to expand on the ideas laid out on their debut and have begun a metamorphosis to a more expanded sound that includes greater dynamics and more harmonizing vocals. I am quite enthusiastic about their future and tonight is a great chance to learn what they are all about.

Carmen (from EP)
The Thieves, They Are Everywhere (from forthcoming LP)

Philly's Creeping Weeds are a 5-piece that is all over the musical map. They range everywhere from folk to indie pop and definitely have some noisier moments. They are not afraid to try a wide range of instruments in their songs and you can tell from their CD, that they are very particular about every sound and it's placement. People who enjoy acts like Modest Mouse, Built to Spill and Pavement will definitely like this very dynamic band.

Billy Pilgrim
Eternity Is A Long Time

Upcoming Shows:

Middle Distance Runner (Washington, DC)
Bugs Multiply (Asheville, NC)

Jukebox The Ghost (Washington, DC)
Peasant (Doylestown, PA)

Shade (Pittsburgh, PA)
The Sky Drops (Wilmington, DE)

Warm in the Wake (Decatur, GA)
Bellman Barker (Washington, DC)

People Noise (Louisville, KY - former VHS or Beta)
Thrushes (Baltimore, MD)

The Epochs (Brooklyn, NY)
Wakey! Wakey! (New York, NY)

Tartufi (San Francisco, CA)
Low Red Land (San Francisco, CA)

Canadian Invasion (Philadelphia, PA)
Paul Michel (Washington, DC)

The Jaguar Club (Brooklyn, NY)
The Shackeltons (Chambersburg, PA)

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DC Video Time

Last month, DC's Let's French released their debut video days before they disbanded. The clip for "Your Name Here" was directed by their very own Maxwell Sorensen. Well, they may be gone and he may live overseas now, but Max keeps making videos for his band and others. He released 2 this week. One for "Start A New Life" and a great clip for Greenland's "We Are Clipper Ships." A band that is very much alive and is still creating some great music. Here are all 3 videos and I'll leave you with some mp3s at the bottom. Enjoy!

Greenland - We Are Clipper Ships

Let's French - Start A New Life

Let's French - Your Name Here

Greenland - Shipwreck on the Watery Eye
Greenland - Greenland Pt. 2
Let's French - She Says She Loves Me
Let's French - Here She Comes (There She Goes)

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Grammar Debate! CD Release Tour

Philly's Grammer Debate! is releasing a new CD and they are embarking on a short tour to release it in style. They have all sorts of great bands joining them on the various dates. Regionally, you can check them out as follows:

9/26/07: DC9, DC w/ Modern Skirts, Rarebirds
9/27/07: Khyber, Philly w/ Modern Skirts, The Swimmers, The XYZ Affair

Grammer Debate! - Believe It Away
Modern Skirts - My Bully
Rarebirds - Wishing Well
The Swimmers - It's Time They Knew
The XYZ Affair - All My Friends

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Jukebox The Ghost and The Winter Sounds

DC's Jukebox the Ghost is back for another round of touring for what seems like an endless fall trek. Noted as being a mix of Queen, They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds, they have opened for Ben Kweller, Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot and Regina Spektor, just to name a few. Another great band joins them for this latest string of shows, The Winter Sounds from Athens, GA. Come and check them out with me Wednesday at Mojo 13. After that, they will be back in October for yet another round.

9/26/07: Mojo Thirteen, Wilmington w/ The Winter Sounds
9/27/07: The Loft, Fredericksburg w/ The Winter Sounds
9/28/07: Mitchell Theater, DC w/ The Winter Sounds
9/29/07: IOTA, Arlington w/ The Winter Sounds & Exit Clov
10/10/07: The Abbey, Harrisburg w/ Peasant
10/13/07: The Classic Cigar Parlor, Doylestown w/ Peasant
10/25/07: Rock and Roll Hotel, DC w/ Travis Morrison Hellfighters

Jukebox the Ghost - Hold It In
The Winter Sounds - Windy City Nights

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shapes & Sizes and Yeasayer

Yeasayer - credit

Montreal's Shapes and Sizes is hooking up with Brooklyn's Yeasayer for a little tour. Regionally, you can patronize them as follows:

9/25/07: Black Cat, DC
9/26/07: The Khyber, Philly

Shapes & Sizes - Alone/Alive
Yeasayer - 2080

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Fujiya & Miyagi and Dirty on Purpose

Dirty on Purpose - credit

Over the next few days, a little UK meets Brooklyn flavor hits the region. Fujiya & Miyagi will be touring with Dirty on Purpose. You can check them out as follows:

9/25/07: Ottobar, Baltimore
9/26/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly

Fujiya & Miyagi - Photocopier
Dirty On Purpose - No Radio

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Rilo Kiley

The hot ticket for this week is Rilo Kiley. So hot that all shows in the region are Sold Out! Soulful Californians Grand Ole Party and Saddle Creek Records artists Art In Manila open the show. So if you have your tickets, enjoy the show! If not and you still want to go, you can use the usual shady means of obtaining them.

9/25: The Troc, Philly
9/26 and 27: 9:30, DC

Rilo Kiley - Dejalo
Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son
Art In Manila - Set The Woods On Fire

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Birdie Busch CD release

Tuesday, Philly's own Birdie Busch is celebrating her new CD release, Penny Arcade, at Johnny Brenda's. Noticed by The Village Voice and CMJ, she weaves bluesy folkish, but not pretentious, music , full of hooks that are very catchy. You will find yourself humming along.

Go Go Gadget Heart


Monday, September 24, 2007

John Vanderslice and Bishop Allen In Philly

Photo by Autumn de Wilde

Finally some action early in the week in Philly. Tonight, San Fran's John Vanderslice showcases his smart lyrics and melodies at Johnny Brenda's. Brooklyn's Bishop Allen, who is known for popping out EPs almost at will, rounds out the show with their brand of indie pop.

John Vanderslice - Tablespoon of Codeine
Bishop Allen - Click Click Click Click

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

This Week's Releases

John Bustine - credit

After a huge amount of releases last week, it seemed like hardly anyone had a release this week. However, we still have a couple quality releases put out by some lesser known bands.

My personal pick this week could have to be Kevin Drew's "solo" release Spirits If... The reason the quotes are there, is that there are around 20 different people that are featured on the album. In the first of a series of releases by members of Broken Social Scene, this CD serves a good reminder as to why the band got so popular in the first place. Front man Kevin Drew does a great job with the first release in the series, that will have each member write an album and then feature everyone else playing/singing backup.


I haven't listened to Hard-Fi in a long long time, but their first release Stars of Cctv was a pretty decent debut album. They finally have another release, titled Once Upon a Time In the West. More grown up and with a lot more experience, these guys put out a good record worth listening to if you are into that special brand of rock that has a flavor of electronics with it.

Suburban Knights

Doing a video contest for their new single "The Equestrian," Les Savy Fav has their latest album out called Let's Stay Friends. Another feel good dance type band, these guys are less electronic than Hard-Fi and more rock with a dance feel. Be sure to check the video below for "Patty Lee" to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Regionally, The A-Sides are a band from Philadelphia that have their newest release coming out this week. Silver Storm is much mellower than the previous bands mentioned, but these guys still have a great sound.


Another mellow indie band that has a great sound is Rogue Wave, with their new release Asleep At Heaven's Gate. Smooth vocals and great music find themselves intertwined into the whole album.

Lake Michigan

For something totally different, give Firefox AK's debut album Madame, Madame! a listen. Mostly electronic pop, this stuff will make you feel like you are in the club while you walk down the street, but isn't full of bass and won't give you a headache. Already released in Europe, the US release is finally here and ready for your ears.

Finally, we end with this week's new DC release. John Bustine released Waltzes and Pleases on local label Gypsy Eyes Records. Like their other releases, this album is a little country, a little folk and a little rock. If you great songwriting and introspective lyrics, this release is definitely worth checking out.

Miss Amputee, West Culver County

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Friday, September 21, 2007

This Week's Mix

In honor of the Girl Talk show last night (that I am still recovering from), I decided to make this mix dedicated to all of the songs that I enjoy dancing to. Listen to them before heading out to a show or the club and get yourself ready to shake it. Enjoy!

Massive Attack - Risingson
Maps - To The Sky
Junior Boys - Double Shadow
The Helio Sequence - Harmonica Song
!!! - Bend Over Beethoven
Ghostland Observatory - Vibrate
Battles - Atlas
The Chemical Brothers - Das Spiegel
The Knife - Marble House
Klaxons - Golden Skans

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Kings of Leon On The Road

Nashville's family band, Kings of Leon, are out touring now and hitting the IA area. On the road with them is LA rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

9/21: Tower Theater, Philly w/ Simple Kid
9/23 & 24: 9:30 Club, DC w/ Simple Kid
10/3: Ram's Head Live!, Baltimore w/ Manchester Orchestra

King of Leon - Knocked Up
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - American X
Simple Kid - Seratonin
Manchester Orchestra - The Neighborhood is Bleeding

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Mountain Goats and Bowerbirds

If you are feeling a little mellow this weekend, check out The Mountain Goats, whose Get Lonely, is probably the best break-up album since Beck made Sea Change. Just make sure your anti-depressants are fully prescribed. Joining them are Raleigh's Bowerbirds, who just recently left their label and are now self-releasing their EP and LP.

9/20/07: Black Cat, DC
9/21/07: Sonar, Baltimore
9/22/07: Northstar Bar, Philly

Mountain Goats - Woke Up New
Bowerbirds - Olive Hearts

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tonight at DC9

Bryan Scary and The Shredding Tears - credit

Tonight at DC9, there is a pretty good show. Baltimore's The Payola Reserve will be joined by Louisville's wonderful Cabin and the always unique Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears.

The Payola Reserve - Lay In Wait
Cabin- I Was Here
Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears - The Blood Club

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The Apples In Stereo/Aqueduct

Denver's The Apples In Stereo will celebrate 15 years together, next year. Still kicking strong, they are on the road again. Over the next few days, you can catch them regionally. Aqueduct will be supporting.

9/19/07: 9:30 Club, DC w/ Julie Ocean
9/21/07: World Cafe Live, Philly

The Apples In Stereo - Energy
Aqueduct - Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights
Julie Ocean - At The Appointed Hour

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Regina Spektor/Only Son

Regina Spektor seems to be on the never ending tour. She will be hitting the area, yet again. Only Son will be joining her on all dates.

9/19/07: Rams Head Live, Baltimore
9/27/07: Tower Theatre, Philly

Regina Spektor - Little Boxes (Cover of Weeds Theme)
Regina Spektor - Fidelity
Only Son - Brand New Broken Heart

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Agent Ribbons

Sacramento, CA's indie folk duo Agent Ribbons, is on a rather extensive east coast tour. They will be in the area over the next few days. So check them out, if you like what you hear.

9/19/07: The Red and The Black, DC
9/21/07: Suba, Harrisburg, PA
9/22/07: GreenLine Cafe, Philly

Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus


Metric and Crystal Castles

Emily Haines leads Metric, a throwback to the best days of 90's girl band alternative, gaining comparisons to Veruca Salt and Elastica. They are supported by another Canadian act, electronic noise artists Crystal Castles.

9/19: Trocadero, Philly
9/20: 930 Club, DC

Metric - Dead Disco
Crystal Castles - Chess Mess

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Gruff Rhys and All Smiles

You may know his work in the eclectic Welsh outfit Super Furry Animals. Now Gruff Rhys is out on tour supporting his solo album, Candylion. Joining him is All Smiles, otherwise known as Jim Fairchild of Grandaddy.

9/19: The Khyber, Philly
9/20: Rock and Roll Hotel, DC

Gruff Rhys - Candylion
All Smiles - Pile of Burning Leaves

Photo Credit

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Lucinda Black Bear in Philly

Before heading off to Europe for the month of October, Brooklyn's Lucinda Black Bear (featuring Christian Gibbs) is at The Khyber Wednesday night with their brand of folkish indie rock. Check them out, before they are playing much bigger venues. They will be doing a larger tour later in the year and should hit the rest of the region.

"You Got It Blue"


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Girl Talk and Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon - credit

Pittsburgh's Girl Talk and Baltimore's Dan Deacon have teamed up for a tour that is selling out over the place. White Williams will be joining them as opener. They will be in the area for most of this week.

9/18/07: 2640 Space, Baltimore
9/19/07: Black Cat, DC
9/20/07: Satellite Ballroom, Charlottesville

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
Dan Deacon - Wham City
Girl Talk - Bounce That
Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Remix)
White Williams - New Violence
White Williams - Violator

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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Cat Tonight

credit: Matt Jordan

There is nice show tonight. The experimental instrumental group, Do Make Say Think, will be at Black Cat. They are joined by the great local, Vandaveer.

Do Make Say Think - The Universe!
Vandaveer - Marianne, You've Done It Now

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This Week's Mix

Busy times with school work this week, so I wasn't able to get a mix out for Friday. However, I will give you one for your Monday workday to help you get over that weekend hangover and I'll be back on Friday. Enjoy!

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
Datarock - Bulldozer
Peter Bjorn & John - Amsterdam
The Details - Reunion Souvenirs
Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Let It Dive
Rilo Kiley - Dejalo
The Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Editors - Blood
Joy Division - She's Lost Control

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Tokyo Police Club and Ra Ra Riot Video Clips

Awhile ago, I told you that I took some clips of songs at the Tokyo Police Club/Ra Ra Riot August DC show and promised to upload them. Well it has taken longer than I had hoped, but here they are.

This first one is the full song of the latest single by Tokyo Police Club, "Your English Is Good."

This next one is two clips of Ra Ra Riot starting out with how energetic they are and switching to a more mellow song. I couldn't get the entire song for either of them, but this should give you an idea of what their shows are like.


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Man Man

Philly's Man Man is out on the road. They have some regional dates over the next few days. So get out and see this excellent band, before they hit the rest of the country.

9/15/07: Ottobar, Baltimore w/ The Oranges Band
9/20/07: First Unitarian Church, Philly

I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James cover)
Van Helsing Boombox

Photo credit


DC9 Tonight

For a nice local DC show tonight, head to DC9. Lejeune and The Glory and The Majesty are sure to put on a great showcase.

Lejeune - Bizarre Histrionics

Photo credit

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Interpol is hitting Philly tonight for a show at Tower Theater. They will be joined by Calla and Liars in what should be a great lineup.

Interpol - No I In Threesome
Calla - Bronson
Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything

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The Epochs & Slumber

The great Brooklyn band The Epochs are playing Galaxy Hut tonight and they will be joined by my friends Slumber. I checked them out together last month and took some pictures, so take a look and then get out for a great show.

Slumber Photos
The Epochs Photos
The Hailing Photos (also played on the August bill)

Slumber - Gold
The Epochs - Head in the Fire

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Today is the annual HampdenFest.

CITYPAPER STAGE (36th St. between Roland & Elm)
11AM - Private Eleanor
12PM - Payola Reserve
1PM - Caleb Stine & The Brakemen
2PM - The Jennifers
3PM - Impossible Hair
4PM - The Oranges Band

11AM - Stalking Horses
12PM - Water School
1PM - Frenemies
2PM - Television Hill
3PM - Arbouretum
4PM - Chelsea Graveyard & The Screams At Midnight
5PM - June Star
6PM - The Beltways

ATOMIC STAGE (36th & Falls Rd)
11AM - Baby Aspirin
12PM - Jason Dove
1PM - Secret Crush Society
2PM - Double Dagger
3PM - The Ubangis
4PM - Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad
5PM - The Barn Burners
6PM - Electric Junk Band

on myspace
[mp3] Sweater Weather
[mp3] If These Stars Are Struck
[mp3] All The Ghosts In Your House
[mp3] Stars Are Ours (Stuck)

on myspace
[mp3] The Psyshic
[mp3] Luxury Condos For The Poor
[mp3] Camera Chimera

on myspace
[mp3] 15 Minutes To Live
[mp3] Jungle Blue

on myspace
[mp3] New Room
[mp3] Big 4 You

on myspace
[mp3] Come Back Home
[mp3] Devil

on myspace
[mp3] Henrietta

on myspace
[mp3] I'll Keep It With Mine (cover song)
[mp3] Fuck And Run (cover song)

on myspace
[mp3] John The Revelator
[mp3] Jewel Of Texas

on myspace
[mp3] Hair
[mp3] Love Hate Rock
[mp3] Secret Crush

on myspace
[mp3] Baby Take Your Medicine (Mother's Little Angel)
[mp3] Telephone Attack (Secret History)

on myspace
[mp3] Vladimir & Gabriel
[mp3] Bed Of Nails

on myspace
[mp3] Saturday
[mp3] You Say When

on myspace
[mp3] Banana Seat
[mp3] Kissing Time

[mp3] Shot Down
[mp3] Rockin' With Viola (At The Laundromat)

myspace page
[mp3] This Is Your Signal
[mp3] Everything Bounces

myspace page
[mp3] You're Too Skinny
[mp3] Sound Check Song

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Black Lips & The Selmanaires

Two of the better bands from Atlanta are out on tour together. You can check out Black Lips and The Selmanaires and their southeast charm over the next few days.

9/14/07: Sonar, Baltimore
9/15/07: Black Cat, DC
9/16/07: Khyber, Philly

Black Lips - Cold Hands
The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock

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The Teenage Prayers

NYC's The Teenage Prayers are known back home for their powerful mix of indie rock and soul and intense live shows. They are heading out on a tour today and it starts in DC tonight at The Red and The Black. They will be joined by Pittsburgh's Black Tie Revue, who I just saw perform a great set on Wednesday. This should be an incredible show.

I Like It


Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Week's Releases

After a couple weeks with few releases of note, it seems that the fall lineup of great music started this week. The big names are coming out in full force and they're getting ready to bankrupt you. We even have some great releases from bands in our region. Of course, everybody is touring in support of these releases, so we have a ton of regional dates. Sit back and enjoy, this is going to be a long one.


My pick for this week's top release, would have to be Strawberry Jam by Baltimore's Animal Collective. Their second album pumps up the energy a lot more from the first and it will have you dancing with your headphones on in no time. They have been making their rounds with the new tunes and dazzling audiences everywhere, as every show turns in to a huge dance party. Their sound is electronic and experimental and not everyone is going to like this, but the band is OK with that. You can check them out, as follows:

9/28/07: 9:30 Club, DC
9/29/07: Starlight Ballroom, Philly


The next big release is Pinback's forth LP, Autumn of the Seraphs. Their soft voice with big sound motif, still stays strong in this release. This sounds more polished than any of their previous works, but it works. You can check them out, as follows:

10/05/07: TLA, Philly
10/07/07: 9:30 Club, DC

From Nothing To Nowhere

For the quirky listeners out there, Shout Out Louds have a new release called Our Ill Wills. With their pop sound that is indie enough for everyone to love, this new release is a great listen. I have had it on repeat a bunch of times on my mp3 player and I know that Joe is fond of this one. Some people call them "The Swedish Cure" and that is pretty accurate. You can check them out, as follows:

10/28/07: 9:30 Club, DC
10/29/07: First Unitarian Church, Philly

Tonight I Have To Leave It

For another regional release, one of IA's dear friends (headliners of our anniversary show and sponsors of our latest contest) Le Loup, has finally given The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly to the people. Indie with a banjo is my favorite way of describing this release, as it sounds a little less energetic than the craziness that is their live show. As it should, since Sam recorded it long before he formed the band. One of the most interesting albums to grace your ears in a long time, this release is good all the way through. That said, you really need to see their intense live show. You can check them out, as follows:

9/29/07: Black Cat, DC *CD Release Party*

We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!

Another personal favorite regional release this week, is Lines by Baltimore's AVEC. One of the strongest rock releases of the year, this album has been stuck in my head from the first line of the first song. Rocking as hard as the newest Yeah Yeah Yeah's EP Is Is, this album still has it's indie undertones that keep you wanting more. What is even more unique, is the back and forth that Shawna and Brooks have in each song. While they sound somewhat similar, they bring their own feelings to every song and make you wonder what they went through to make each song so rich and full. Their songs are very dynamic and I hear that they are insane live. I can't wait to see them and have a feeling that they won't be Baltimore's best kept secret for much longer. You can check them out, as follows:

9/28/07: Ottobar, Baltimore *CD Release Party*

Albina Krobot
In Character

Film School's new release Hideout, also hit stores this week. This is a really nice rock album, but it's more toned down than AVEC's latest. Think Editors crossed with The National. This follow up to their self-titled first release, is a little different and takes on a deeper tone than the first. You can check them out, as follows:

10/21/07: Rock & Roll Hotel, DC
10/22/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly


Black Lips have a new release, entitled Good Bad Not Evil. Think back to 80s punk and think about what it would sound like a little toned down with some southern roots, and that will give you an idea of what this sounds like. You can check them out, as follows:

9/14/07: Sonar, Baltimore
9/15/07: Black Cat, DC
9/16/07: Khyber, Philly

Cold Hands

Next up is the Dirty Projectors' new release Rise Above. If you like something totally different, than you are in luck. Not sticking to one particular style, this CD has something for everyone. You can check them out, as follows:

9/26/07: Black Cat, DC
9/27/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly

No More

The Go! Team has finally released their new album as well. Proof of Youth keeps with the crazy dance beats and has some great vocals. If you are a fan of any of the band's previous releases or looking to check out something new, give this one a listen. You can check them out as follows:

10/26/07: Starlight Ballroom, Philly
10/30/07: 9:30 Club, DC

Doing It Right

Simian Mobile Disco is not just another rock band turning electronic. Their skill in combining infecting hooks with some great vocals, is very apparent in Attack Decay Sustain Release.

I Believe

Hot Hot Heat has their new release Happiness Ltd out this week. You can check them out as follows:

10/14/07: TLA, Philly
10/15/07: Rams Head Live, Baltimore

Let Me In

Eulogies has their self titled release out right now and they are supporting it with a tour with Film School. That tour pairing should give you a good idea of what kind of style they have. You can check them out, as follows:

10/21/07: Rock & Roll Hotel, DC
10/22/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly

One Man

Grand National has given the public A Drink And A Quick Decision to listen to. This is dance music that is also an enjoyable listen.

Joker and Clown

Oakley Hall just came through the DC/Baltimore area last week in support of their new release I'll Follow You. The best way to describe their style, is sonic country.

No Dreams

The Good Life is on one of the best indie labels right now, Saddle Creek. They will be in DC next month allowing us all a glimpse into their newest, Help Wanted Nights. You can check them out, as follows:

10/05/07: First Unitarian Church, Philly
10/06/07: Rock & Roll Hotel, DC


Finally, love him or hate him, Kanye West dropped Graduation. Pitchfork has given this release it's stamp of approval and I do too.

Good Life

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His Name Is Alive

In advance of their new CD's September 18th release, His Name Is Alive is making their regional rounds. You can check out the always eclectic band, as follows:

9/13/07: Black Cat, DC w/ Bellman Barker
9/14/07: First Unitarian Church, Philly

Come To Me

Photo Credit


Vampire Weekend in Philly

Photo by Esther White

Making a sojourn down I-95 tonight to The Manhattan Room in Philly, is New York's fabulous Vampire Weekend. They head back north after that, so get there and check out one of 2007's breakout bands.

Oxford Comma


Local H

Local H, the two-piece that brought you the one-hit wonder Bound for the Floor back in the '90s are at it again, touring heavily to support a new album of unreleased songs and demos.

9/13: The Khyber, Philly w/ Sleep Machine
9/16: The Chameleon, Lancaster
9/18: Black Cat, DC w/ Death By Sexy

Toxic (Live, Britney Spears Cover)
Talking Smack

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

indie @ the abbey's Opening Night

Tonight is the premiere show for the new indie showcase that I am booking and hosting, along with Jersey Mike Presents and WiAB Records. indie at the abbey will be held every Wednesday at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA. The shows start at 9:30 and admission is always $2. We have some great bands coming through town and opening night is no exception.

Black Tie Revue - credit

Pittsburgh's Black Tie Revue is making the trip east to play opening night. This band is known for their high energy shows and their music is hook laden indie pop. They will follow this show up with a trip to The Red and The Black in DC on Friday night.

Absent Radio
Call Waiting

Squaaks - credit

Squaaks hail from Baltimore. They will be playing in support of their fantastic new CD Rock Control, that they were supposed to release last weekend. Since they didn't actually get to play their release show, I guess tonight will sort of be the debut of the new disc. If you like driving rock with catchy tunes, not unlike The Pixies, this band is not to be missed.

Hot Tub
Be Dry My Bleeding Heart

Since I just finalized it last night, here is our full Fall lineup:

Black Tie Revue (Pittsburgh, PA)
Squaaks (Baltimore, MD)

These United States (Washington, DC)
Monarch (Baltimore, MD)

Bridges and Powerlines (New York, NY)
Creeping Weeds (Philadelphia, PA)

Middle Distance Runner (Washington, DC)
Bugs Multiply (Asheville, NC)

Jukebox The Ghost (Washington, DC)
Peasant (Doylestown, PA)

Shade (Pittsburgh, PA)
The Sky Drops (Wilmington, DE)

Warm in the Wake (Decatur, GA)
Bellman Barker (Washington, DC)

People Noise (Louisville, KY - former VHS or Beta)
Thrushes (Baltimore, MD)

The Epochs (Brooklyn, NY)
Wakey! Wakey! (New York, NY)

Tartufi (San Francisco, CA)
Low Red Land (San Francisco, CA)

Canadian Invasion (Philadelphia, PA)
Paul Michel (Washington, DC)

The Jaguar Club (Brooklyn, NY)
The Shackeltons (Chambersburg, PA)

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The Gray Kid and Oliver Future Head East

Oliver Future - credit

We're having a small Los Angeles invasion this week. As a joint bill, The Gray Kid and Oliver Future are coming to the region for a couple of dates, before they continue their tours apart. The Gray Kid is best described as indie rap/soul and is known for infectious live shows. Oliver Future is more straight forward indie rock, but they have some some serious layering and include elements of electronica.

9/12/07: DC9, DC
9/13/07: Sonar, Baltimore
9/14/07: Northstar, Philly*

*Oliver Future only, w/ Julie Ocean

The Gray Kid - Lonely Love
Oliver Future - The Reclamation

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They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants are out on the road, yet again. For fans of their brand of geek rock, you will have plenty of opportunities to see them. They will be in the area this week and then they'll be back around in late November, as their latest tour winds down.

9/12/07: Rams Head Live, Baltimore
11/23/07: 9:30 Club, DC
11/24/07: TLA, Philly

Ana Ng (live)
Birdhouse In Your Soul (live)

Photo credit


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Winter Sounds

Athens, GA's The Winter Sounds have a ton of dates coming up in the region. We'll go into more details when they come back through in a couple of weeks to start a tour with DC's Jukebox The Ghost, but this is what they have coming up:

9/11/07: DC9, DC w/ The Beanstalk Library
9/13/07: The Fire, Philly
9/25/07: Baltimore Chop Bookstore, Baltimore
9/26/07: Mojo 13, Wilmington w/ Jukebox The Ghost
9/27/07: The Loft, Fredericksburg w/ Jukebox The Ghost
9/28/07: Mitchell Theater, DC w/ Jukebox The Ghost
9/29/07: IOTA, Arlington w/ Jukebox The Ghost & Exit Clov

Windy City Nights

Photo Credit: Karen Evans

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Feist has had one hell of a huge year. To celebrate, she is out on a never ending tour that has a couple of stops in our region. Rogue Wave will be her special guest.

9/11/07: Rams Head Live, Baltimore
9/12/07: Tower Theatre, Philly
9/14/07: Messiah College, Harrisburg

Feist - 1234
Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

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Sure Juror

This week has started out really slow. The best bet tonight, is Sure Juror coming straight outta Jersey. They have built a nice buzz in New York and tonight, you can catch them at The Khyber. You can find all of their music on their website as free downloads.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Help These United States

DC's These United States need your help. They have made it to the final round of Amie Street's Sets The Stage contest and now they need some votes. They are getting killed by a Brooklyn band, so let's represent the Baltimore/Washington region and help them win. Everyone knows that these guys deserve it and if they win, they get a CMJ showcase and $10,000. More money for them, means more great music for us to consume. To vote, you need to register, but it only takes a second. Use the promo code "instrumental" and you well get a bunch of free credits to use on the great indie music that Amie Street promotes. So please take a minute and help this great band out. If you aren't familiar with them, check out the great song below.

So High So Low So Wide So Long


Contest: Le Loup *Results*

Congrats to Lindsay from DC and Tina from Arlington. Thanks to everyone who entered. More contests soon.

DC's Le Loup, will finally have their debut CD released on September 11. Thanks to them and Hardly Art, we have a contest for you.

Grand Prize:
2 Tickets to Le Loup's CD release show at Black Cat on 9/29 w/ These United States
1 The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly CD

First Prize:
1 The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly CD

To enter, send an e-mail with your answer to this question: Le Loup's first show was at Velvet Lounge in March. What band shared the bill with them? Hint: To narrow it down a little, check their top friends. There is also a less obvious, second correct answer. Either one works.

The winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries. Good luck! I will leave you with their first official mp3. This is a much better version than the one that I was sharing a few months ago.

We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!


Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Comas

The Comas are back on the road and coming through DC again. You can check them out tonight at Black Cat.

Red Microphones


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Elvis Is Entering The Building

No, not the one who has been dead for so long. The music-maker and lyricist with little equals, Elvis Costello is coming through the IA viewing area over the next few weeks. I got to see him a few years ago and his energy on stage is amazing. He always breaks out a few old crowd pleasers. Do not miss this show! Oh, and for the Baltimore/DC area show, he is opening for a none other than Bob Dylan, with Amos Lee in support.

9/08/07: The Mann Music Center, Philly w/ the Mann Center Orchestra
9/28/07: Merriweather Post Pavillion w/ Bob Dylan and Amos Lee

Pump It Up
Radio, Radio

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Blisspop Presents...

DJ Willl Eastman put together a big show at 9:30 Club tonight. He will be joined by Georgie James, Soft Complex and The Dance Party. The show is a late one and starts at 11.

Georgie James - Cake Parade
Soft Complex - Barcelona
The Dance Party - Ultra Radical

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Washington Social Club at The Hotel

Washington Social Club - credit

There was a last second add to tonight's crowded concert calendar. Washington Social Club are playing their first local show in several months at Rock and Roll Hotel. They will be joined by Black & White Jacksons.

Washington Social Club - Bigger Than Your Boyfriend


Ben Kweller Is Free

Ben Kweller is playing at Millenium Stage tonight at 6. Go check it out and oh yeah, it's free!



FAA's Anniversary Show

Our friends at FAA are celebrating their first Birthday tonight and they put together a nice bill that is very DC heavy. The show is at 3rd Floor in Fredericksburg and features Travis Morrison Hellfighters, Le Loup and Statehood. It's only $5 and it's obviously all ages.

Travis Morrison Hellfighters - As We Proceed
Le Loup - We are Gods! We are Wolves!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

This Week's Mix

In honor of the crappy music at the VA Tech concert featuring DMB and John Mayer, I give you ten songs that I actually would enjoy (or have enjoyed) seeing live.

The National - Green Gloves
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
The Octopus Project - The Adjustor
The Go! Team - Bottlerocket
Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps
Modest Mouse - Education
Harrisons - Dear Constable
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter

Enjoy your weekend!

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Squaaks CD Release and The Return of Lo-Fi Social Club

Tonight sees the long awaited return of Baltimore's Lo-Fi Social Club. They are at a new location and from what I hear, it's a vast improvement. To celebrate the occasion, they are throwing a huge party. Included in the festivities are IA favorites Thrushes and Two if by Sea. Also, it is doubling as the CD release party for Rock Control by the fabulous Squaaks. Get out tonight and support. There will be plenty to entertain you.

Squaaks - Hot Tub
Thrushes - Trees (demo)
Two if by Sea - High Water Mark

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