Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MDR's Midweek Mutiny: CYOA 6

Editor's Note: This was written by DC's Middle Distance Runner. This is part of a series of posts that they are writing today. Continue to the bottom, to link to the rest. You may want to start at the beginning, to have this make any sort of sense.

“Hey, Allan…”

“Fuck you!” Allan says, compulsively.

“Sorry”, you say, “I just . . . I just wanted to ask you if it was really true . . . what they say about your bassists.”

“What?! That I killed them and ate their brains?! Hellz yeah, it’s true!!!”

Stunned, you say, “I’m stunned. That’s so stunning. But why did you do it?”

“Cause they fuckin’ interrupted me when I was soloing in my room! In fact, when I got into this hot tub, it was a block of solid ice. Then I put a solo on it and it became this tropical, bubbly situation! I love to solo!! Scratch that . . . I tough love to solo!!”

You look closer and see that he has a guitar underwater and is playing a ferocious solo! It looked like this:

Then you look again, and you realize it’s not a guitar at all. You see that he is weeping uncontrollably, and say, “Hey man, why don’t you take a break...”

Allan spits at you! “Don’t tell me how to live, punk biotch!” he shouts with loudness.

You shudder.

He senses your fear and pounces with more relish than you’ve ever seen!

You die.

Allan eats your brains, continuing to yell at you. After he is done, he runs off. In the distance, you can hear the sounds of guitars wailing and human children crying.

You are miraculously reanimated by a rogue “Revive Dead” spell cast from deep within the spooky forest.

Given your second opportunity at life, you decide to spend it by chatting with ________.

If you choose to talk to Steve, CLICK HERE.
If you choose to talk to Ian, CLICK HERE.
If you choose to talk to Erik, he's uh... busy.
If you choose to talk to Jay, CLICK HERE.
If you’re confused and want to start over, CLICK HERE.
If you're sick of this and want to quit, CLICK HERE.


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