Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Holiday Weekend: Sunday and Monday

Holy Fuck By James Mejia

As the weekend winds to a close, the BBQ scene heats up and the shows start to wind down. However, there are still a few things to see before we have to return to work on Tuesday.

Between Sunday and Monday, The National play three shows at 9:30 Club in DC. You know you love them and you know the shows are beyond sold out.

mp3: The National - Fake Empire (via Beggars Group)

Holy Fuck and Crocodiles do the I-95 dance. They hit Ottobar in Baltimore on Sunday and Kung Fu Necktie in Philly on Monday.

mp3: Holy Fuck - Jungles (via Beggars Group)
mp3: Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill (via Fat Possum)

Coldplay bring their never ending tour to Hersheypark Stadium on Sunday night with Pete Yorn and Howling Bells.

mp3: Howling Bells - Into The Chaos (via Independiente)
mp3: Coldplay - Free Live Album (link)

Finally, the long weekend closes with a few intimate shows on Monday. Ponytail return to Baltimore for a show at Ottobar. Austin's Loxsly hit Galaxy Hut in Arlington with local super group Finer Designer, featuring members of Greenland and Len Bias. The Beanstalk Library make their long awaited return at IOTA and are joined by In Technicolor and Typefighter.

mp3: Ponytail - Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From An Angel) (via Big Hassle)
mp3: Loxsly - Battalions (via Team Clermont)
mp3: The Beanstalk Library - This Line Is Not For Me (via band)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great Memorial Day.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Holiday Weekend: Saturday

Friday is in the books. Saturday is a repeat of the day before. Phily's line-up declines greatly. Baltimore and DC carry the majority of the shows. Here's what to check out:

I'll be down in DC at the Rock & Roll Hotel for a line-up of pure power-pop. One of our favorites, Jukebox the Ghost are coming back to the area after a year's worth of touring. See them before they go hermit-like and hide away for the next few months or so. Also on tap is Jenny Owen Youngs, set to drop her new album Transmitter Failure next week. And to top it all off, The Winter Sounds, who just released a new album last week, are also slated to perform. This is a must-see show.

mp3: Jukebox the Ghost - Victoria
mp3: Jenny Owen Youngs - Led to the Sea (via Nettwerk Music)
mp3: The Winter Sounds - Trophy Wife (via Deus Ex Machina)

Over at DC9, Austin's Loxsly is hitting the East Coast in front of their new release Tomorrow's Fossils set to drop Tuesday. As a fan of the Austin scene, I highly recommend seeing them. Also on the bill are locals Ra Ra Rasputin and The Spiritual Machine.

mp3: Loxsly - As The Constellation's Arm Uncurled (via band)

The Troc in Philly is hosting a sold-out CD release for locals that made it big Mewithoutyou. Also performing is Jersey native Danielson and the blues-funk-hip-hop of the Urban Sophisticates.

mp3: Danielson - Animal In Every Corner (band website)

Harrisburg's Arts Fest is happening this weekend. If you want to check out some local music during the afternoon, this is the place to be. Our friends The April Skies will be on stage around 4. Be sure to stop by and take a look.

mp3: The April Skies - Here Comes the Rush

DC has a couple of other shows for your consideration. Butterfly Boucher will wow the crowd at Jammin' Java. The Juan Maclean joins with The Field for a show worth dancing to at Black Cat. The Red & The Black is hosting Food Will Win The War along with Frau Eva and Freelance Whales.

mp3: The Juan Maclean - Find a Way (
mp3: The Field - Over the Ice (

Bellman Barker is making a trip up to Baltimore's Metro Gallery for a show with The Howling Mad and Chelsea Graveyard and the Screams at Midnight. And if you want a little electronic, Future Islands is with Nuclear Power Pants at Zodiac.

mp3: Bellman Barker - Charles Kil
mp3: Future Islands - Old Friend (band website)

Philly has one other show worth note. Johnny Brenda's has Minnesotans Run at the Dog. Highly infectious songs. Also set to perform is Oh Pears, An American Chinese and The Mean.

mp3: Run at The Dog - Noon Moon (band website)

Weekend is only halfway done. More to come. Enjoy the music.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Casper Bangs

Photo By Shervin Lainez

When I started this site 3 years ago, there was a DC band that caught my attention. Armed with wit and killer hooks, The Hard Tomorrows, were poised for good things. Then, in the summer of 2007, they vanished. Fast forward two years and the voice of that band, Rob Pierangeli, has finally resurfaced under the alter ego, Casper Bangs. Taking the hooks that his previous band was known for and turning the energy way up, Rob is ready to take on the world again. If you don't believe me, he has a free digital EP available here and his live band makes their debut tonight at Black Cat with Deleted Scenes and The XYZ Affair. Check them out and look for the debut CD this fall.

mp3: The Other Half


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Midweek Shows

Tereu Tereu by Shervin Lainez

Now that the summer is more or less here, the area is starting to get some great shows during the week. A few bands are stopping through the area with a couple of dates, so whether you are in Philly, Baltimore or DC, you should get a chance to see them. Here is a run down of the highlights through Thursday.

DC has the pick of the litter with three great shows to satisfy you no matter what your musical tastes are. Local favorites Tereu Tereu are headlining their CD release party at DC9 and with them are Roman Candle, Motel Motel and The Deep Vibration. Another big show is The Helio Sequence opening for Keane at Constitution Hall and The Helio Sequence always put on a great live show. The final show is an up close and personal show with Elvis Perkins in Dearland headlining at IOTA and opening for them are The Woes.

In Philly the only big show is Ben Lee with LA's Low Vs Diamond and Dawes opening. I love LVD and seeing them live would be a real treat so I highly recommend it. The show is being played at World Cafe Live.

Tereu Tereu - Perpetual Motion (via band)
Motel Motel - Coffee (via Big Hassle)
The Deep Vibration - Coal Mine (via The Syndicate)
Elvis Perkins in Dearland - Shampoo (via Beggars Group USA)

The reversal of show popularity happens as there are no shows of note in the district and only one in Baltimore, while Philly has 3 great ones. Dawes drops from the lineup in Baltimore while Ben Lee and Low Vs Diamond soldier on to bring their music to The Quarter.

Get off your keisters and on to the dance floor as local darlings The Dance Party are playing North Star. After recently seeing them at Virginia Tech when they opened for Girl Talk, I can confidently say that their shows only get better every time you see them. Along with this show, Keane and The Helio Sequence move north to delight masses at the Tower Theater. The final show in Philly sees Easy Star All-Stars bring their new reggae cover of The Beatles' Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band on the road with a show at World Cafe Live. If you loved their reggae covers of Dark Side Of The Moon and OK Computer, I'm sure this will be a don't miss show.

The Dance Party - Sasha Don't Sleep (via band)

While Thursday is short on shows, it probably has the must see show of the week. Deleted Scenes, The XYZ Affair and Casper Bangs all join forces for a show at the Black Cat.

Not to be outdone by DC, Philly's First Unitarian Church is hosting St. Vincent with openers Pattern Is Movement. I have yet to see either band live yet, but from what I hear it should be a pretty good show.

Deleted Scenes - Fake IDs (via band)
The XYZ Affair - Sock You In The Face With Love (via Tell All Your Friends)
Casper Bangs - Always On (via band)
St. Vincent - The Strangers (via 4AD)
Pattern Is Movement - Right Away (via Home Tapes)

You can also check out our DC/Baltimore and Philly region calendars for more great shows this week and beyond.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

These United States Take On Video Games

I tend to cover a lots of ground on the internet and as I was browsing around on some of the more geekier ends, I stumbled upon this video game trailer for Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood:

As you watch it, you may find that it features "West Won" by DC's These United States. Congrats to those guys for making the jump to other forms of media to get their wonderful sound out to the masses.

mp3: West Won


Return of The Beanstalk Library

DC's The Beanstalk Library have been MIA for awhile. However, we have recently learned that after some tweaking of the lineup, the band is getting ready to return with new songs and a new live band. The new version of the band will debut on Memorial Day at IOTA with support from In Technicolor and Typefighter. The music? Well, that will debut a lot sooner.

During the down time, songwriters Ryan Walker and Brian Kent finished five new recordings. In advance of the show, and to celebrate this new phase for the band, they have decided to debut all 5 tracks today on various DC related music sites. Here is the track listing and where you can locate all of them:

Track 1: Feeling My Way in the Dark (at District of Sound)
Track 2: It Has Made All the Difference (at Baby, You Got A Stew Goin’!)
Track 3: The Only Things I'll Take With Me (at DCist)
Track 4: This Line Is Not For Me
Track 5: Cry Harder (at Brightest Young Things)

Our track, "This Is Not For Me," was written by Brian Kent and features Brett Niederman of Exit Clov on organ and Gus Mancuso on trumpet. It's a definite progression for the band and features a guitar solo unlike any that you may have heard on their debut.

Enjoy and be sure to visit the other sites to check out the rest of the tracks.

mp3: This Line Is Not For Me