Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Weekend

Slim pickins for lifting those post-holiday blues. Friday is almost a complete wash and Philly is completely barren the entire weekend. At least DC is giving us something to look forward to.

New Rock Church of Fire
photo by Susan Pleiman

Local acts are coming out to play Saturday night and a belated gift is the CD release party for New Rock Church of Fire's latest effort Of The Wild at the 9:30 Club. Throw in favorites The Dance Party and you got yourself one hell of a show. Think of it like a post Xmas gift and an early NYE party rolled into one. I highly recommend being there.

Olivia Mancini is making an appearance with the Terrible Two (according to the show poster) at Black Cat. Along for the ride is another District band Revival and Fredericksburg's popsters Tereu Tereu.

New York's The Spring Standards are making a couple of local stops. Roots rock with a a large splash of country. The three part harmonies put them in the league of CSN. Catch them in Arden, Delaware (just north of Wilmington) at the Arden Club Friday, then down at DC9 Saturday with Brooklynites Elizabeth & The Catapult.

And of course, making a stop in Lancaster at the Chameleon Club, Wu-Tang Clan livens up central Pennsylvania.

Only one show to mention for Sunday. From the tiny confines of Rhode Island, Makeupbrakeup is finishing off the year with a mini-tour that brings them through the area. The Velvet Lounge has the pleasure of hosting. Philly, check out Bar Noir Monday night for the show.

mp3: The Dance Party - Lipstick
mp3: New Rock Church of Fire - Europa
mp3: Olivia Mancini - My Old Ways (stream)
mp3: Tereu Tereu - Dont Be Sore Farmer John
mp3: Revival - Fog Rolling In
mp3: The Spring Standards - Your Lie
mp3: Makeupbreakup - Jungle City

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its new rock's cd release show too. free cds for the first 400. its gonna kick serious ass.

Friday, December 26, 2008  

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