Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Definate Treat: O'Death and Hoots for Halloween

O'Death and Hoots & Hellmouth. Scaryish names, not so scary music. They are playing back-to-back shows at Johnny Brenda's for your Halloween pleasure. Don't worry about the 70's freaks downstairs, unless you are one of them (yeah, 70's costume party Friday). The good stuff is happening upstairs. Friday, Hoots is headlining the show, then the switcheroo happens for Saturday with O'Death closing out the night. Each night also has a different opener. Friday, Pepi Ginsberg is slated to start of the holiday activities. Saturday, The Extraordinaires make sure the post-candy hangover is completely shaken off.

mp3: O'Death - Lowtide
mp3: Hoots & Hellmouth - Rattle These Bones
mp3: Pepi Ginsberg - In My Bones (Daytrotter)
mp3: The Extraordinaires - The Chicken The Egg or The Song

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