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The Regional Weekend: Gonna Be A Hot One, Part I

Looks like a preview of summer is heading our way, with highs getting close to 90 in some places. The unexpected heat is not going to keep the weekend show line-up from happening. It's another full weekend, so I'm going to have to split it up into two posts. This one will cover Friday and those that also hit other places after Friday.

Kings of Leon
from band's myspace

Quite a few big name acts start things Friday and end up finishing the weekend elsewhere in the region. What would you rather have: Sons of a Preacher Man or a '90s flashback? If I could, I would see them both, but the scheduling makes that a little hard. Confused? This should clear it up.

The Followill boys of Kings of Leon are coming through the area with their arena tour. In support are another band that could headline their own tour, The Walkmen. The Patriot Center is host Friday, then Saturday you can catch one of the last remaining events at the storied Spectrum in Philly.

Three stops in the area for The Presidents of the United States of America. No, not some tour of Obama, the Bushes and Clinton rambling on about today's economic crisis. The band that brought you "Lump" and "Peaches" is back and prepared to send you reeling back to the mid-90s. Adding to the surreal is Oppenheimer, a synth heavy ultra-catchy pop band from Belfast. Caught these guys before, well worth getting there early/sticking around, depending on line-up. Friday they start at The Troc in Philly, then head to Lancaster, PA for a show at The Chameleon, then finish off Sunday in DC at 9:30 Club.

mp3: PUSA - Lump (via
mp3: Oppenheimer - Saturday Looks Bad To Me (via

Not really hitting both areas of the IA region, but playing two shows none-the-less is the hilarious Stephen Lynch. It is a great weekend to head to the shore, and he just happens to be at the Borgata in Atlantic City Friday and Saturday. Get some sun, play some tables and laugh your ass off.

mp3: Stephen Lynch - 3 Balloons (via

If the big names aren't enough for your Friday, there are plenty of one nighters to suit you.

If you are heading for the Stephen Lynch show, you may want to bump it to Saturday. The king of piano pop Ben Folds is slated for a Friday show at the House of Blues in AC. Just do what I mentioned above two days in a row. You can sleep it off Sunday.

Johnny Brenda's is hosting three guys from Suburban Home Records, each with their own set. Tim Barry, usually with Avail, is out supporting his folk album Rivanna Junction. Lots of story telling in these songs. Also on the bill are other troubadours, Austin Lucas and Josh Small. Solid show for those who enjoy the folk-country side of indie.

mp3: Tim Barry - Idle Idylist (via Suburban Home Records)
mp3: Austin Lucas - Somebody Loves You (via Suburban Home Records)
mp3: Josh Small - Move Your Hips (via Suburban Home Records)

Usually Kennett Square is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World and during the summer it smells to high heaven. Maybe they are trying to clean up their image. Now they have their own music venue, The Kennett Flash. They are hosting Delaware's The Spinto Band for a sold out XPN event.

mp3: The Spinto Band - Summer Grof (via band)

DC has a line-up worth seeing at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Florida's Copeland is joined by This Providence, Paper Route (new album out next week) and Brooke Waggoner. If locals are what you're looking for, hit the Black Cat for Bellflur, Cobra Collective, Bottles/Cans and Seamonsters.

mp3: Paper Route - Carousel (via Sneak Attack Media)
mp3: Bellflur - First to the Moon (via band)
mp3: Cobra Collective - Joe Goda (via band)
mp3: Bottles/Cans - Tabitha Calhoun (via band)

Baltimore is also getting in on the local flavor, mostly in support of out-of-towners. Action Painters is in the middle of an IA area swing for their new EP Lay That Cable, hitting Metro Gallery with locals The Courtesy Line and FFHH. Definitely worth a listen. Spectrum is bringing trance-rock to the masses after the fall of Spaceman 3. You can find them at Sonar with local favorite Pontiak, who are supporting a new album, Maker.

mp3: Action Painters - SuperMarket (via band)
mp3: FFHH - From the Shadows (via band)
mp3: Pontiak - Honey (via Thrill Jockey Records)

Philly also has the locals coming out to play. The Fire is hosting four bands worth checking out. Tres Bien is getting some great reviews about their live show. Joining them on stage are Philly's own Toy Soldiers, Hezekiah Jones and Sweetheart Parade. And over at my old stomping ground of the Millcreek Tavern check out Great Vibration with Vultures. And get to know the owner, Jack. Great guy.

mp3: Tres Bien - Liquid Love (via band website)
mp3: Hezekiah Jones - Nothings Bound (via band website)

More to come on Saturday and Sunday later.



Anonymous janet said...

That's so weird that the Presidents of the United States are still touring! And that they've gotten Oppenheimer to open up for them.

Did POTUS even have an album this year? They had some great songs that I remember and that's cool they have good taste in opening bands! Oppenheimer is also performing on Josh Schwartz's new web-series Rockville CA (, in case you can't make it out to see them.

Friday, April 24, 2009  
Blogger Carol said...

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