Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No, It Ain't No Surprise

Photo By Ron Krisel

You know what too much self-proclaimed "rock music" is missing these days? Swagger. Sure, some acts out there can talk the talk, and some can walk the walk, but few, if any, seem to be able to accomplish both at the same time anymore. Now, hey, I have problems rubbing my tummy and patting my head consecutively, so I get that doing multiple things at once is not easy. However, that excuse simply doesn't cut it when I'm looking for some good, old fashioned rock 'n roll.

San Francisco's Leopold and His Fiction must have received my memo, because they bring the full package on their sophomore release, Ain't No Surprise. The band does not so much create new ground as they do revere what is holy and good about your '60s-era rock 'n roll. I'm not talking about psych-pop, or acid rock or heavy metal--I'm talking what the Rolling Stones were pumping out back when they were worth a damn. That's what Leopold is putting down and, quite frankly, you should pick it up, my friends.

mp3: Ain't No Surprise (Provided By Green Light Go)



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