Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live Fast... Die Sexy

Death by Sexy. Let that honeyed phrase roll off your tongue a few times. Yes, it's the punchline to a really bad joke that you've probably heard a million times, as well as the title of an Eagles of Death Metal album, but forget all that. What you really need to know about Death by Sexy (or DXS to groupies and bloggers), is that it's the given name of the DC-based purveyors of some of the nastiest, smokin'est guitar noise around.

Having just given a few spins to their debut full-length, Curse the Curse, I can best describe this as a mix of the Ramones, Bleach-era Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, the Burning Brides, and Chuck Berry. If that doesn't melt your brain a little bit, then kudos. But if more brain melting is required, be sure to swing by the DXS CD release party at Black Cat this Friday, March 27th.

For a preview, take a listen to "I Ain't Gonna Chase You Down," the album's grinding opener.

mp3: I Ain't Gonna Chase You Down



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