Thursday, March 26, 2009

Honey Claws

Let's take a trip in the way back machine (Sherman and Peabody? Rocky and Bullwinkle? Anyone?... Bueller? God, I'm old). Anyway, we've arrived in 1986 and for some strange reason, Peter Gabriel, Adam Yauch and Mike Diamond are hanging out at some crappy post-modernist art exhibit in SoHo. Imagine, if you will, that instead of releasing So and Licensed to Ill, they bail on that scene, jump in that crazy old time machine, pick up Pharrell Williams somewhere along the way and land in Austin, Texas in 2009. Assuming you're still with me, I have just attempted to describe the electro-funk oddity that is Honey Claws.

Although they occasionally veer into art school b-boy overkill, Honey Claws' big boom bap and willingness to f-around with the mixing board, to ear-pleasing effect, cannot be denied. Have a listen to "Pemporer" off of their new EP, Healer.

mp3: Pemporer (Provided By Sneak Attack)



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