Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Area Weekend: Welcome Back! Part Three

I thought I would never say this, but the weekend is finally coming to an end. Fortunately (for me), Sunday is much lighter in action than the past two nights. Don't forget to check out Friday and Saturday for bands that are playing multiple dates.

Canadian Invasion
(via bands myspace)

The M-Room is hosting a great line-up featuring indie-popsters Golden Bloom and Philly's own Canadian Invasion. Rounding out the show is Jersey City's Sudden Ensemble, who have gotten the attention of famed radio personality John Peel. That's pretty high praise. I highly recommend this show.

Pree just had a CD release party for their new disc A Chopping Block, now they are back for another show, this time at The Loft in Fredericksburg with locals Hot Lava, Kana Zink and His Royal Shyness. This is part of the all ages series, so all of you can experience the best of local music.

To finish off the weekend, check out one of these two shows. Indie-rock masters We Are Scientists are set to concoct something musical at the Hard Rock in DC, while beat heavy Futurecop! shakes up DC9.

mp3: Canadian Invasion - One Hand Claps the Other (via
mp3: Golden Bloom - Doomsday Devices (via
mp3: Pree - In The Parlor (via The Kora Records)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple points...

1) John Peel died a few years ago.
2) Hot Lava is a Richmond band.

Thursday, April 23, 2009  

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