Monday, January 12, 2009

New Tigersapien, Part 2

Photo By Gregory Keith

Philly electro rockers, Tigersapien, are releasing a new EP and they have decided to release it in pieces through some of their favorite sites. For round 2, they have sent out "God Knows" from the EP and the Designer Drugs remix of "Youth & Vitality." The band had this to say:
"So, this week we have another double doseā€¦ a wicked Designer Drugs remix of "Youth & Vitality" as well as "God Knows" from our EP.

When Michael and Theo first sent us the remix, we pretty much flipped out. It's a badass tune and different from most of their other stuff. A little bit angrier and really different from the original. As a matter of fact, we sent them as few bits from the original tune as we could get away with. We wanted a totally different spin on it and those boys delivered.

"God Knows" is, like, a really blatant song about sleazy sexual intercourse with loose women. The breakdown is one of our favorite parts of the entire EP. Tom Kee at Shotgun Audio got the guitars sounding lovely. This one is a bit more rock and roll...

At the moment, we are in the practice room getting the live set super tight. We will be playing shows really soon, so look out for that. We are also writing a single (or two?) with Michael and Tom from Shotgun. So, I mean, that shit is gonna be bonkers. Stay tuned, y'all."
mp3: God Knows
mp3: Youth & Vitality (Designer Drugs Remix)



Anonymous H8er... said...

I really like this.

and I love to hate on shit...

Monday, January 12, 2009  

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