Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weather Appropriate Music

Some songs simply seem superb for certain seasonal segments. Alliterations aside, The Piano Creeps have created some compelling tunes that scream "music for a bitter winter day" to me on their latest, Future Blues (for you and me). The collaborative effort of Billy Coté, Mary Lorson and Kathy Ziegler, the band creates an intimate sound that demands snuggling under the covers during the cold nights ahead.

The lead single, "Hey Love," starts sparsely with just some keys and a lone and seemingly lonely voice, but the "bop bop bops" that enter into the fray seem to create an "it's all gonna be OK" vibe. Think of this track as your favorite sweater that you've had forever, whose main job is to make you feel better in spite of whatever the world feels like throwing at your head on any given day. Sure, your significant other has been trying to get you to throw it away forever, but what do they know? Not much if they're dating you, but that's a topic for another day. All of that said, the trusty sweater has never let you down before, and it's doubtful the Piano Creeps will, either.

mp3: Hey Love



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