Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Time Is Now

You know, it's really been a kick ass year for DIY and small label acts. The latest artist to prove my point, Michael Runion, who has played with everyone from Jenny Lewis to Conor Oberst, has a new CD out called Our Time Will Come.

At the onset of the title track, Runion's world weary voice is accompanied perfectly by a lone acoustic guitar. Around the two minute mark, however, he begins adding further instrumentation. A twangy electric guitar and some drum brushing get layered in, resulting in a big, perfect, multi-layer dip of alt-country-sounding goodness.

I hate to go with the "one of the best tracks of '08" labels, but, guess what? This is one of the best damn tracks I've heard in 2008.

mp3: Our Time Will Come



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