Monday, December 15, 2008

Swede Heart

OK, I GET IT. Anything Americans can jam, Scandanavians can rock harder. Seriously, enough is enough already. From sex toy fights at national hockey games to IA's beloved Lykke Li, those cold winter buggers have gotten under my skin in a way that hasn't happened since I decided I need to be more Canadian. And now Bluesong Records is hitting us up with a couple of singles from Doctors & Dealers and Southside Stalkers. Both bands are releasing their sophomore albums early in '09, and they wanted us to know all about it.

I've mentioned D&D before, and not just when I'm talking about 8-sided die and saving throws. Their newest is a bit more dance floor oriented than their last outing, which is pretty much summed up in the title, "On The Dancefloor."

The Southside Stalkers, however, are new to my ears and me likey. It should be noted that they both share a member, Sparrow. While D&D is her mostly solo project, this is her collaborative project with male musician/vocalist Indy and as you would expect, this band's sound is more expansive. In "Not Able," they've got an early rock/kinda bluesy vibe going. They start out almost softly before laying more rock goodness with each verse. What begins with a simple voice, guitar and basic drum quickly morphs into a damn near spazz fest in the best possible meaning of the phrase.

So I leave it to you, good readers, to tell me how hard it is to get an overseas residency permit. I'm there because I dig it the most, baby.

mp3: Southside Stalkers - Not Able
mp3: Doctors & Dealers - On The Dancefloor

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