Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is That a Frog in Your Throat or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

I keep reading from a lot of bloggers about this new Auto Tune vocal effect phenomena. First off, I would like to point out that vocal effects are nothing new. If you don't know Newcleus' "Jam On It," well, you don't know what hip hop is all about, my friend. Further, Prince and Ween have damn near made side careers out of utilizing the vox technology of the day. Most recently, it's been Kayne's bag, but now everybody's favorite half pint rapper, Lady Sovereign, has dipped her toe into the stream, too.

Now, I was fairly impressed with her debut album, but I'll be honest, most of that CD already has been wiped from ye olde iPod. Her new track, "I Got You Dancing," however, has me addicted. I'm not sure what it is, exactly, but that vocal chicanery just does something for me. She has offered the track from her upcoming Jigsaw, as a free download on her website and MySpace.

The last time Lady Sov hit the 9:30 Club, I understand that much expectoration and rudeness ensued. Sadly, I was not there in person for that one, but if the rest of the album sounds as good as this, I believe that I will catch round 2 in person.

mp3: I Got You Dancing



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