Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Faux French?

Did I mention that I recently returned from Brussels? An ability to produce '80s/'90s kickboxing stars notwithstanding, I have to admit, I wasn't too blown away by the country. The weather was crappy and once you've seen the Mannequin Piss and the old square, you've pretty much seen everything of interest. The trip, did, however, let me dust off my French speaking abilities, which prepped me all the more for the latest from NYC's Nous Non Plus, Ménagerie, which comes out in February. The album includes "Fantôme Dur," a French cover of the Unicorns' "Tuff Ghost".

Lest your anti-Franco sensibilities get the best of you, the band is comprised of five Yankees plus one Swiss-German, lead singer Céline Dijon. (Best name of the year? Quite probably.) Let's be honest, you needed something to listen to whilst quaffing fries and beer anyway, so why not this?

mp3: Fantôme Dur



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