Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally, A Song for Female Pedophiles

Photo By Justin Wahle

Do you ever get tired of cats constantly singing about the same old crap? Love, death, war, money--these big ticket items are simple targets for musicians, creating an easy resonance for listeners to say, "yeah, been there, done that, got the tee shirt." But when was the last time you heard about the tribulations of a young teacher considering sex with a twelve-year-old student? Or what it's like to find love as a TV weather girl? These are issues that get swept under the carpet far too quickly these days. Luckily for us, San Francisco's My First Earthquake is here to rescue us all from the mundane on their debut, Tremors.

Seriously, this is an indie pop band that knows how to have fun. Other topics of interest on the album include cannibalism and rainbow parties, all sung in a cheery demeanor. If that isn't enough to get you lining up for tickets to see them when they hit your town, well, you must be dead inside.

mp3: Teleprompt



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