Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Illinois Song Book

Most bands come into a recording session with around 20 songs, then make the tough choice of which songs to cut to make the usual 12 or so song album. Not so for my favorite inaccurately named Bucks County band Illinois. They took the extreme approach and introduced 114 songs to +1 Records. Instead of being the typical label, +1 has decided to release all of them! How in the world do you do that? By a pretty novel approach, I think. Starting this Tuesday (11/4) and continuing once a month until April, a new chapter of The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe will be unleashed upon the masses along with a part of a short film. Here's a little something from the first chapter.

mp3: Hang On

Release dates:

Chapter 2: 12/2
Chapter 3: 1/13
Chapter 4: 2/3
Chapter 5: 3/3
Chapter 6: 4/7

Not resting on their achievement, the band will also be hitting 4 cities in sequence around each release date. The mini-tour starts in DC, heads to New York and Boston and finishes back home in Philly.

Chapter 1 show dates:

11/3: DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel
11/5: NY @ Mercury Lounge
11/6: Boston @ Great Scott
11/7: Philly @ The Fire

Chapter 2 (12/2-5) & 3 (1/13-16) shows will be at same venues in the same order, except for New York, which will relocate to Rehab.

To go along with this craziness, Illinois and their friends at People-Food made a trailer. These guys are going all out for your vote. Make it count!



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