Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rae Spoon

Photo by Thea Maklowski

Finally, we’ve received word of a songwriter to whom I can make no comparison. Rae Spoon announces the October 7th release of SuperiorYouAreInferior, out on Washboard Records. But, that's only a small part of the tale. Here’s the whole story (as interpreted from the press release): Rae Spoon was born on the Canadian plains in the '80s. In his early twenties, he hit the road as one of the world’s only transgender country singers and toured Canada, Europe, Australia and the USA. Already, he’s 120% more ambitious than anyone else we’ve ever covered, and we haven’t even gotten to the discussion of folk rock yet. Back to the story… When the apparent dangers and contradictions of this role caught up to him, he hid in a small town in Germany for a winter. There he was inspired to write an album about his darker experiences of Canada and it's highways.

SuperiorYouAreInferior is Rae’s fourth solo album, and his first in over two years. Lyrically, the album is his most revealing to date. Musically, his work moves from the whimsical, palpable art folk genre, to indie-rock, to electronic and experimental. Traveling in Europe, and I’m sure, being one to upset the normal way of things, he's started to swap his banjo for a computer and an electric guitar. I’ll work on the movie rights (lie) and you guys work on checking out of his work (truth).

mp3: Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down



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