Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Previously on Lost…

A few weeks ago, a little band going by the name Previously on Lost contacted IA about their music and I immediately gasped in blithesome intrigue. Perhaps this makes me bias, but as a massive fan of ABC’s Lost, listening to peppy, indie pop about island horrors and watery shenanigans is exactly how I want to spend the time I am not spending in front of my TV re-watching seasons 1-3 of the series. So, here’s my hearty fist pump and joyful “God bless you!” to the band members for taking on a sub-genre project like this.

Much like the wildly popular Wizard Rock genre, based on the Harry Potter books series, Previously on Lost (dubbing themselves a “TV recap rock band") has taken happenings from season four of the show and immortalized each one in song. From hilarious to catchy, you don’t really even have to be a fan of the show to appreciate the craftsmanship used in the writing and recording. Even so, if you too find yourself waking up in a cold sweat having recently dreamed of kidnapped babies, massive back funnel clouds, female convicts or the physical moving of islands, this is most definitely the band for you.

Oh, it just so happens that they are finally making their way to DC and it's a free show. See you there!

11/10/08: Millenium Stage @ Kennedy Center, Washington, DC *Free*

mp3: Just Wink



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