Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Low Red Land

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Springing forth from the revitalized Bay Area indie music scene, San Francisco's Low Red Land continue to impress with their latest, Dog's Hymns. Throughout the album the band takes spare folk and country melodies and morphs and bends them in unexpected and beautiful directions, often building to dramatic, noise-drenched conclusions.

The songs ebb and flow between alt-country twang and yelping harmonies, ATDI neo-prog freak-outs, the earnest post-hardcore of Sunny Day Real Estate and the driving, over-driven guitars of a Neil Young and Crazy Horse garage work-out. Even more impressive, each song flows into the next, the album as a whole comprising a single, fully realized composition. Truly heady stuff for their second full-length release.

I'd recommend grabbing a good pair of headphones, picking a particularly forlorn and rainy night, and immersing yourself in Dog's Hymns for a little while - it's that kind of record.

Even better, mark your calendar for Low Red Land's show at the Red and Black on October 25th. I've heard the live shows are particularly intense and not to be missed.

10/25/08: The Red and The Black, Washington, DC

mp3: Dog's Hymns
mp3: Better Angels



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