Monday, September 22, 2008

I Wish They All Could Be Scandinavian Girls

Photo By Jonas Westin

There's no denying that there are a few writers here at IA that have a bit of a "thing" for Scandinavian artists. We all know who to blame for this, but that's a different conversation entirely. On a completely different note, it does introduce at least me to a lot of stuff I never would have pursued otherwise.

And thus, I bring to you Sofia Talvik, Sweden's latest export to our fine shores. The blue-eyed blonde (I suppose they grow them that way over there) is just released her third CD, Jonestown. And yes, that's as in, "don't drink the Kool-Aid" Jonestown, but who am I to judge? For most of this CD, Talvik sticks to soaring ballads and chamber pop melodies. The topics range from love lost to love found and, well, a lot about love, I guess. And this is all good and well. There are, however, two stand-out tracks here. "Summer Ended Yesterday" retains the ethereal feel of most of the album, but tacks on an intriguing Far Eastern feeling in the instrumentation. Far more freaky, however, is "Clown." That would be the really creepy sounding song with the ghostly calliope organ and, out of nowhere, a trombone. Assuming you're not the kind that's deathly afraid of clowns (or maybe even if you are), this is a groovy track, indeed.

Now if she can just team up with Lykke Li's video producers, this gal might have a career in front of her.

mp3: Beautiful Naked



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