Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Darker My Love

Photo By Lawrence K. Ho

Yes, yes, it's me again - holding forth on the virtues of another psych-rock/shoegaze style outfit. This time I'm going to touch upon Darker My Love, who have been getting some recent airplay for their latest release, 2.

Upon first listen, I thought this disc was simply going to go down the dark alleys and bloody valentine strewn streets already traveled by BRMC, The Dandy Warhols, etc. However, upon a second or third listen, I became convinced that these guys were aiming for something a little different. Lyrically and musically mining the sun-filtered ennui (guess who picked up their thesaurus today?) of their Los Angeles home, DML seems to mix in local influences, ranging from The Beach Boys to Kyuss, even tossing in a little early '80s L.A. synth pop.

If you didn't catch them in DC with the Dandy Warhols this week, DML will be touring extensively throughout the fall, so you should have another chance to catch them in the mid-Atlantic region before long.

mp3: Two Ways Out



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