Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boobs to the Tubes Swagger

Photo By Mark Maryanovich

In theory, the idea of a female Black Keys strikes me as simply brilliant. Fortunately, it works for me in practice too, as The Pack A.D. knock it out of the park on their latest, Funeral Mixtape. The duo, comprised of Becky Black and Maya Miller, play the type of skuzzy, garage-based blues/rock that personally gets me going. While comparisons to the White Stripes are inevitable, the sound is much closer to the aforementioned Keys, complete with spastic guitar and "woman possessed" drumming.

The CD opens with the almost-but-not-quite rockabilly goodness of "Blackout" before churning into the '80s Clapton-esque "Don't Have to Like You." "Making Gestures" slows the tempo slightly, but with no loss to swagger whatsoever. Things arguably hit their crescendo with "Build", but there's never any lack of balls-to-the-wall (boobs-to-the-tubes?) goodness here.

mp3: Making Gestures



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