Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Time to Give the Drummer Some


I know that at least one of my fellow partners-in-crime here at IA didn't care too much for the track, "Last November", from Your Anchor by Lackthereof, the new project from Danny Seim, the drummer for Menomena. I'm going to disagree with him entirely.

With it's semi-martial drum beat and soaring chorus, I kind of dig the track. Sure, it sounds reminiscent of the Menomena sound, but I certainly don't see that as a bad thing. Plus, you've got to give Seim some love. I mean, Menomena's breakthrough album relied heavily on some kick ass drum programing, didn't it? Being the drummer of that band has to involve a lot of needling from your fellow band mates. "What's that, Danny? Not sure if you can make it to band practice tomorrow? That's fine; I can bring my Speak & Spell."

I kid because I love. I saw Menomena about a year ago at the Rock 'N Roll Hotel. Everyone put on a great show. Even Danny.

mp3: Last November



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