Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pop Culture Via Audio

Here at Instrumental Analysis, we like to tackle the hard hitting questions that people are dying to know. Actually, we don't. Sometimes, it just works out that way. After they played DC this past spring, I hung out with Tom Deis, David Lizmi and Adam Sturtevant of Via Audio in the cafe of Black Cat. They weren't really interested in talking about the band, so we just had a conversation about pretty much anything but music. Since they are playing our show at Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday night, I thought that it would be a good time to finally post this. So, I am proud to present to you Via Audio and their thoughts on life, love, meatball sandwiches and Martha Plimpton.

IA - Gentlemen, who would you rather eat a falafel with, Gary Busey or Keanu Reeves?

DL - Gary Busey, because he has the potential to chew my face off and argue with me at the same time. While Keanu Reeves would just talk to me about a book and surfing or say "dude" a lot.

AS - See, here's the thing, Keanu Reeves seems to get all the credit in Point Break, because he’s able to mingle with the surfers and get into their culture. However, it was Gary Busey, forgive me Detective Pappas, who was the real master. He knew that the ex-presidents were surfers. He had this theory and he was ridiculed by the rest of the FBI, but he was right. So Gary Busey all the way. Of course, Gary Busey is a poor man's Nick Nolte.

DL - I agree. Every time I look at Gary Busey, I see him as the poor man's Nick Nolte. He was in the Buddy Holly Story, so I'll give him that much.

AS - I would also like to add that Anthony Kiedis was in Point Break and he offered a stellar performance.

TD – I’d eat a Falafel with Nick Nolte.

AS - But if you had a Falafel with Nick Nolte, he would get the falafel and he'd just say "Gawd Dammit!"

DL - He would go “Bleahagggah” and shove the falafel in his face. And he'd do it in 25 milliseconds and you wouldn't even be able to talk with him, because he would be like a Tasmanian devil. He’d shove it in his face and then spin around the room and then exit the bar.

AS - Well Gary Busey doesn't even eat falafels, he eats meatball sandwiches. [shouting] "Utah, gimme two!"

TD - Now that I think of it, I would rather eat a hamburger with David Hasselhoff. I saw a video of him eating a hamburger under a table. I would love to eat under the table with David Hasselhoff.

IA: Excellent Point. Which Celebrity Drunk do you miss more, Lindsey Lohan or David Hasselhoff?

DL - David Hasselhoff, not even a thought. It's pure intuition.

TD - David Hasselhoff.

AS - Here's a little known fact about Via Audio, I used to have a thing with Lindsey Lohan, and we used to drink a lot together and she is not a fun drunk. She would always start talking politics and she was very conservative and I just got tired of hearing about it.

IA – Lindsey Lohan is a conservative?

AS - She's so uptight.

TD - That's breaking my heart, man.

AS - She never lets loose. She never lets herself out of the dungeon. She's always like, “No, we need to think about the environment…” And I'm like Lindsey, just chill. I love you.

DL - I'm still going to say David Hasselhoff, because you can drink with him and then he pukes and then he eats his puke.

AS - And then punches whatever he puked on.

DL – Exactly! Lindsey Lohan will not do that. She'll just snort it and then talk about Barack Obama. And I don't want to hear about that right now.

AS - And Lindsey if you're listening, relax, have a good time. You're young, just let yourself be young.

TD - Lindsey, don't let them hold you back.

AS - Yeah, don't stay home looking at Obama's website all night. Go have a drink.

IA - I thought you said Lindsey was a conservative?

AS - She is.

IA - Then what's she doing on Obama's website?

AS - She's looking for criticisms. She's getting ahead of the experience. She's way ahead of the Obama experience right now.

IA - Fair Enough. Who is your favorite Goonie?

DL – [shouting] "HEY YOU GUYS!" [slight pause] Uh, I’d have to say Chunk.

AS - Okay, here is an actual truthful answer. I got to hang out with Martha Plimpton one night at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, so I would have to say Martha Plimpton.

IA - Nice.

DL - I would have to say the little Japanese dude is the ultimate Goonie

AS – Data?

DL – Yeah, Data.

IA - You already nominated Chunk as your favorite Goonie. So is it Chunk or Data?

DL - Let's give it to Data.

TD - I’m going to have to go with Sloth.

IA - That's good. We have some diversity of opinions here.

AS - I would like to mention that Sloth loves Chunk.

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