Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Octopus Project Video & Music

Resonance - Issue 55 Photo by Drew Reynolds

I've said it before and I will say it again: I love Austin music. That being said, I am also not the biggest fan of electronic and synth heavy music. But there is something about the infectious indietronica that Austin's The Octopus Project perform that I so much enjoy. Well for all you OP fans out there, released a few weeks ago (I know, I'm a little late with this), are a couple new videos and a song off of a very limited release 7".

The video is for their latest single, "An Evening with Rthrtha", off of the 2007 release Hello Avalanche. The video is a stop-motion animation piece of actual pictures mixed with abstract images, created by the same guys who brought you another stop-motion video for another Austin artist Spoon and their single "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb". Scenes of Barton Springs and the band mingle with butterflies and bats and pulse seamlessly with the music. Over 5000 images create a video that at points cannot be considered stop-motion.

The 7" released by UK outfit Too Pure (who also brought you Stereolab) was limited to 500 pressings and you had to have a subscription to get it. Now you can get your hands on one of the songs. The band describes "Wet Gold" as “a lovely jaunt through an arpeggiated land of goodness.” It is right in line with what you already know of the band. The beat thumps behind synth arpeggios, muted vocals, and a melodic sound closely related to a musical saw making you sway and nod your head to the music. The video for Wet Gold is a fan creation using creatures previously seen on OP album artwork and videos. It tells a story, but the video describes it better than I ever could.

Wet Gold



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