Monday, August 04, 2008

Kings of Leon

The Family Followill is back with a new release, Only By The Night, dropping on September 23rd. I plan on spending that day recovering from my annual birthday hangover by calling in sick, sucking down large quantities of coffee and Alleve, and making sense of what could be a new twist in the Kings of Leon sound.

Judging by the first track, Sex on Fire, gone is much of the tent-revival rawness and twang of prior releases, but in their place, KOL have found room for other sounds such as swooping synthesizers, clean yet insistent bass lines, and dare I say, an almost post-punk riff here and there? I may play this song into oblivion until I get my hands on the LP.

Can't make much sense of the video - I think an exorcism may be involved; but these guys are probably capable of making anything look cool.

Sex On Fire


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