Friday, August 01, 2008

IA Anniversary Present: Two if by Sea

Sadly, Baltimore's Two if by Sea is no more. That said, they did give us 7 years and in the indie music world, that is a lifetime. Before they give their final bow at Baltimore's Ottobar on August 31, they have decided to revisit the past. In honor of our Anniversary and their farewell, David sent over a true relic. This is a cover they recorded of Joy Division's "Transmission," back when they were still finding their voice as a band. In David's own words:

"This was pretty early for us. It was the first thing we ever recorded (on eight-track, one-inch tape), back in March 2002. Our first demo. I know that we had a lot of comparisons, but to put things into perspective, we hadn't even heard of Interpol or anything like it when we were doing this. I think Turn On The Bright Lights came out later that year.

It sounds so primitive compared to our last run at things, but I think it kind of captures that moment when we were all in our early 20's and still wide-eyed and not completely jaded with music."

mp3: Transmission (Joy Division Cover)

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