Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Faint - Fasciination

Call me crazy, but I think The Faint might be having a bit of fun again. After, in my opinion, an unfortunate detour to third generation sludgy goth-dom, it seems that Todd Fink and co. have rediscovered their love of synth squiggles, syncopated beats, and fat bass-lines on their latest Fasciination.

Perhaps a result of being released from their prior contract with Saddle Creek, the band sound like they have breathed a great sigh of relief. The most positive aspect of this is a re-discovery of their dance-punk roots, displayed by the snap and crackle of tracks like the "Geeks Were Right" and "Get Seduced."

At the same time, leaving your old label usually gives you a real excuse to stretch, but aside from some heavily layered production, the band doesn't seem interested in covering too much new ground, either lyrically or musically. Perhaps the mixed reviews of Wet From Birth made everyone a little gun-shy. Whatever the reason, Fasciination, although a welcome return to form, still leaves me waiting for The Faint to meet the promise they showed on Dance Macabre.

mp3: The Geeks Were Right



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