Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sons and The Daughters of the Mamas and the Papas

When was the last time that you had some truly kick ass harmonizing in your rock 'n roll diet? Yeah, it's been a while for me too. And quite frankly, all of this sugary pop is hell on the teeth and waistline.

Fret no more, as the Austin sextet Brothers and Sisters can help you shed those unwanted pounds with their contemporary take on some of the dulcet sounds of the '60s. Led by actual brother and sister Will and Lily Courtney, the band meshes the glorious harmonizing of such bands as the Mamas and the Papas with the indie sensibilities of Modest Mouse on their new album, Fortunately. Essentially, we're talking lush, gorgeous vocalizing peppered with some gritty guitar and just a hint of California surf rock and alt-country goodness. It might seem like a bit of a mushy mixture, but damnation, it's some good stuff.

mp3: You're Gone
mp3: The Air Is Getting Thicker



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