Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Rollicking, Good Time

Being an English major who spends far too much time trying to discern the perfect meaning for particular words, I've long struggled with the quintessential occasion to use "rollicking." I believe Andy Mullen's latest, self-produced, DIY masterpiece, The Toenail Jar, has afforded me the ideal opportunity to use that word in describing his music. Gross title aside, the self-proclaimed "Folk Music's New Bad Boy" has put together a great folksy, country-esque gem that bounces and bounds like a tipsy tornado. What sets this work far beyond the competition, however, isn't the music itself. Don't get me wrong, Mullen is a strong guitarist with tight finger picking skills and the required half-dulcet, half-whiskey-soaked pipes to garner praise enough. No, it's Mullen's skills as a lyricist that take the package to the next level.

From somber tracks like, "So Does the Beer", to fun tunes like, "Quit Quittin'", to the heady, "Stream of Consciousness", this CD has a little something for everyone. I suppose that counts doubly, if you like a bit of real country (not this current country pop rock crap) in your mix.

I know we posted on our “favorite albums of the year thus far” already this year, but this one definitely now makes my list. Hell, the amount of garbage I’ve done in airports alone makes "I Cracked at the Airport" resonate with me far more than it should and for that alone, I’d probably put it in my top ten. The fact that "Quit Quittin'" and "Stream of Consciousness" are two of my favorite tracks of the year, doesn’t hurt the situation much either.

Fortunately, Mr. Mullen has made this album available to anyone that wants a copy. Snag yours here.

mp3: Quit Quittin'
mp3: Stream of Consciousness



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