Monday, July 28, 2008

Podington Goes to Town

Here’s a secret about me: I harbor intense obsessions. We all know about the whole Lykke Li obsession that I have, but the love I have is wide and deep and encompasses a lot of other fixations. There's pineapple, hand-crafted greeting cards, new types of candy (do not try chocolate Skittles) and This American Life. All I want to do all day is have Ira Glass tell me about how interesting every day Americans are. It is through this love that we come to an introduction of Podington Bear, a previously hidden artist haunting TAL’s Showtime program soundtrack. After just releasing a 10-CD box set, the Bear has put out both The Lost Album and Remixes Vol. 1 for our pleasure and light techno enjoyment, free of charge, thanks to HUSH Records.

The originally anonymous musician, now revealed as Chad Crouch, made his musical den on the internet in the beginning of 2007, announcing he intended to write, record and release three songs a week, via podcast and blog, for a grand total of 156 songs. While moonlighting as an internet musical curiosity, Crouch also ran HUSH, a small but fruitful label with a roster of mostly regional talent, and a release history of over 80 albums. Check him out as fast as possible.

mp3: Proof
mp3: Misfit Toys



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