Sunday, July 20, 2008

Early July Releases

I got backed up again, so here are the first 3 weeks of July...

July 1st Releases

With the holiday, the month started out pretty slow.


Hymn and Her - "Song For"

Golden Animals

Free Your Mind And Win A Pony - "Try On Me"



July 8th Releases

July is rocking now. Some stellar releases dropped this particular week, leading off the second half of the year. I am split between my folk-pop favorites and my classic electronic album, so I will just recommend all of them.

Ratatat comes back with their third studio album that is only a minor detour from their first two, so fans will instantly feel at home. Albert Hammond Jr. has released his second solo album to the delight of myself, Ashleigh and many others. Finally we have a group that is new to me, Paper Route. This album seems right at home on my heavy mp3 player rotation and I am sure it will fight for a place on my favorite albums of the year. There are plenty of other remarkable and quality releases, so don't limit yourself or your wallet.


LP3 - "Mirando" & Full Album Stream

Paper Route

Are We All Forgotten - "Are We All Forgotten"

Albert Hammond Jr.

┬┐Como Te Llama? - "GfC" & Full Album Stream

Other Notable Releases

Matt Keating

Quixotic - "St. Cloud"


Women - "Black Rice"

Abe Vigoda

Skeleton - Full Album Stream

The Dutchess & The Duke

She's The Dutchess, He's The Duke - "Reservoir Park"

Ron Sexsmith

Exit Strategy Of The Soul - "Brandy Alexander"

Architecture in Helsinki

Like It Or Not EP

Beau Jennings

Holy Tulsa Thunder - "Tulsa Thunder"

Feral Children

Second To The Last Frontier - "Spy/Glass House"


Canadian Tuxedo - "Obvious"


Nude With Boots - "Nude With Boots"

The Black Ghosts

The Black Ghosts - "Any Way You Choose To Give It"

The Old Believers

Eight Golder Greats - "There It Is"

July 15th Releases

This week presents us with a magnificent list of releases. It is not as long as last week, but even better because it is quality from top to bottom. I had a hard time picking albums to recommend, because I liked so many of them.

However, based on what I have heard, I think I can safely say that everyone would be wise to get the new albums from Sunset, The Boy Bathing and Negativland. All three songs offered from the album are crafted exceptionally well and bode well for their respective releases. There is also a release from Philly natives Dr. Dog, so be sure to spend some time checking that out.


The Glowing City - "When Perfect Flames Expire"

The Boy Bathing

A Fire To Make Preparations - "The Beaches Meet The Sea"


Thigmotactic - "Richard Nixon Died Today"

Other Notable Releases


Object 47 - "One Of Us"

The Hold Steady

Stay Positive - Full Album Stream

Dr. Dog (Philly)

Fate - "The Old Days"

Death To Anders

Ficticious Business - "Camera Lens"

Brian Lord

We're Changing (Free/Legal Download) - "There Are A Million Of Us"

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

Glistening Pleasure - "Slow Motion Tag Team"

Hypatia Lake

Angels And Demons, Space And Time - "The Lucifer Rebellion"



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