Friday, June 06, 2008

A Weekend For CD Releases

A ridiculous amount of regional bands are releasing CDs this weekend and they are all having parties to celebrate. With one Saturday exception, they mostly go down tonight.

The Brakes are unleashing the bluesy-roots rock Tale of Two Cities upon the populace at Johnny Brendas in Philly. Not to worry DC. You can catch them Monday at IOTA.

mp3: Big Money (live)

Also in Philly, House of Fire and Bells Bells Bells are having a dual party at North Star.

mp3: House of Fire - Twelve Stars
mp3: Bells Bells Bells - The Doctor

Not to be outdone, there's a triple release happening at IOTA in northern VA. Julie Ocean is celebrating Long Gone and Nearly There, released last week. They are joined by fellow celebrants The City Veins and Yell County.

mp3: Julie Ocean - At The Appointed Hour
mp3: The City Veins - Toe The Line
mp3: Yell County - We're History Now

Over at the Black Cat in DC, Mikal Evans is releasing her new disc, A Jailhouse...A Kingdom. Also on the bill, but not releasing anything, is The Cotton Jones Basket Ride.

mp3: Mikal Evans - Virgin Wind
mp3: The Cotton Jones Basket Ride - Had Not A Body

Saturday, before heading on a tour of Europe, The War on Drugs release Wagonwheel Blues at Johnny Brendas. They are joined by Ape School.

mp3: The War on Drugs - Taking The Farm
mp3: Ape School - That's OK

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