Monday, June 02, 2008

The Roofs Are on Fire

Harrisburg, PA's Koji on the Roof and Raise Up Roof Beams are set to release a dual EP on June 10, with Colormake Records. The 7" split entitled Eating Lemons/Dinosaur features both bands and comes with an offering of solo tracks from both lead singers, Andrew Shiraki (Koji on the Roof) and Nathan Robinson (Raise Up Roof Beams) as downloadable bonus material. The duo of bands have been playing together since their modest formations and dubbed a joint recording appropriate after kicking around the idea for a few years.

Koji and his affecting, candid sincerity and humor join Raise up Roof Beams and their growing mix of touchy indie rock, on an ambient trek into a literary and philosophically challenging vocabulary. They'll be travelling through PA and DC in the next few weeks.

6/07: Circle of Hope, Philadelphia, PA
6/08: The Red and the Black, Washington, DC
6/13: Fiala Building, Camp Hill, PA

mp3: Raise Up Roof Beams - Dinosaur

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