Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rob Dickinson

Ever since one fateful day in Hersheypark Stadium in the early '90s I have been a fan of The Catherine Wheel. As a replacement opener for a to-be-unnamed local band that made it big, they stole the show. The current release Happy Days was constantly in my CD player, with tracks like "Way Down" and the slow-burning middle-finger "Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck". From there the rest of the catalog came into my possession (Chrome is amazing), further cementing The Catherine Wheel as an all-time favorite. Then they disappeared. It has been almost 10 years. Finally, they are ressurected, sort of. Lead singer Rob Dickinson has just released a 2-CD set, a revamping of his solo album Fresh Wine For The Horses and Nude, featuring acoustic remakes of six classic Catherine Wheel songs. Rob's solo work is a little more laid back, going for more acoustic strum than driving riff. See him this Wednesday in Philly at the World Cafe and check out the videos for "Oceans" off the new album and "Waydown" from Happy Days and a live version of "Crank".

6/25: Philly @ World Cafe

mp3: Crank (Live)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont suppose I could get you to re-up that live version of Crank could I?

Friday, December 04, 2009  

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