Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Parachute Musical

Nashville's Parachute Musical are bringing their piano driven indie-pop to Rock and Roll Hotel in DC this coming Saturday, celebrating the release of their latest Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town.

Drawing on influences from Rufus Wainwright to Queen, with a nod to Ben Folds here, and wink to Billy Joel there, the album is melodic, theatrical, and even a little rockin'.

Lead singer, songwriter and pianist Joshua Foster and the band expertly meld big piano sounds, strings, jazzy, skittering drums, the occasional arena rock guitar solo, and yearning pleading vocals into a series of coherent, tightly written songs about loss, love, and occasionally succeeding at growing up.

Standout tracks include "Arrhythmia", "Back the Same" and "Leave Me".

mp3: Back the Same



Blogger Adam Brunelle said...

Parachute Musical is an excellent live band! Their CD is not completely to my taste, but many of the songs are excellent on CD, too.

They are the kind of band that keeps you jumping up and down and makes you think about your life all the while.

I suggest seeing them. Great opening band.

Sunday, November 23, 2008  

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